Welcome to the Exodist Photography website. My humble little corner of the web solely for helping promote my video blog on youtube, plus it serves as an easier way to share my photos and links to the gear I use and enjoy to all my viewers.

About The Author:
Joe Jackson is an US Navy Veteran now living in the Philippines. Enjoys photography and blogging while taking life, one day at a time. To me photography is about trying to capture the beauty in life and bring peace to my own. Why do I blog? I love to help others and teach everyone things I have learned.

About My YouTube Channel:
Joe's Photo & Video Channel is a blog were I feature Adobe Lightroom Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials, lens reviews, other photography gear reviews and so much more. I also blog about my life from time to time in the beautiful Philippines. Plus from time to time post videos I create from traveling, to time-lapse videos I create locally.

YouTube is the prime location to find all my videos I upload. Please take the time to visit and SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Remember subscribing is completely FREE and its main purpose is for you the viewer to be able to keep up and be notified on YouTube when a new video is released.

I am currently releasing 4 or MORE videos per week!

Posting Times:
6am Pacific or 9pm Philippines Time.
Monday: Retouching Tutorials, featuring Lightroom, Photoshop and more..
Tuesday: Video Blog Day. Covering important photo & video related topics.
Thursday: Photography Tips & Techniques, learn how to shoot like a pro.
Saturday: Gear Reviews. Lets review the latest photography related product I have purchased.

About Exodist Photography:
Lets start about the name. Exodist is an old english word not used much these days that means "immigrant". This seemed very fitting since I try to do a lot of travel photos and the fact that I now live in the Philippines. My goal with Exodist Photography is to provide free quality videos via YouTube to my audience, with financial support coming from the sales of Photos via DeviantART and sales of gear from my affiliation with Amazon. Purchasing through my links to Amazon does not cost the purchaser any extra money. In addition it provides a way for my viewers and supporters to invest in new and exciting gear, while still helping fund this website and youtube channel videos. Its a win win for us all.