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Up & Coming Blog Changes..

Hello Everyone,
As many of you that have followed my blog have likely notice is that I have not been posting to here nearly as much as I used to. Well the thing is I have been wondering what to do with my blog for some time now. The initial reason I started this blog was to help send traffic to my youtube channel. While it has helped in a very small way, posting to here for the sake of a few extra view or two per video isn't very efficient. So I have been left with a predicament. Should I keep linking my videos to the blog or just delete it. The problem is the blog offers me another outlet outside of YouTube and just flat out getting rid of it would be a really dumb thing. So.. What I have decided to do is keep the blog, however its focus will not be to direct traffic to my youtube channel anymore. Instead it will be a place for me to post things that are not suitable for video content or things that fit my channel. So the blog isnt going away, instead its actually going to be use…