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Philippines Christmas Lights 2017 - 4K Slide Show Of Beautiful Home Made Holiday Decorations

See many beautiful holiday decorations from the Philippines. Filipinos work very hard every year to put together their holiday decorations and try to win the local town contest. They often use many recycled materials and other budget items to make very creative works of art.

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Choosing The Right Power Supply For Your Next Photo & Video Workstation

Choosing a power supply for your next photography & video editing workstation may feel intimidating, but it does not have to be. In this video I will show you how find the right wattage you need to ensure your computer system stays running cool and stable. I also cover the difference between modular and non-modular power supplies.

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Best Photo and Video Editing PC Specs On A Budget 2018 - From Photo To HD & 4K

With the cost of personal computers being on the rise. Many photographers and videographers on a budget may be wondering what they actually need to edit their photos and videos. In this video I cover hardware specs for the most basic photo editing PC up to the most demanding hardware for 4k video editing for enthusiast and professionals a like.

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New Workspaces, How To Use, Customize & Create Your Own - Luminar 2018 Tutorials

Recent update to Luminar 2018 was the introduction of the new Workspaces feature. This feature lets you create your own custom tool set to use for editing, or you can choose from a list of built in workspaces. You can even choose to set one as default.

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Rakk Kagi Cube mATX Gaming Computer Case - Detailed Overview & Review

Well today I got a little different review for everyone. I ordered my new computer chassis and was so impressed by it I wanted to give an overview and review of the Kagi mATX Cube Gaming Case from Rakk Gear. This chassis is for my up coming AMD Ryzen 7 photo & video editing system.

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