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South Korea Photo Trip & What Gear Am I Bringing - Weekly Photo Blog With Joe

Well I am about to set off on another photography trip, this time off to South Korea where I will be visiting Seoul and many other locations in hopes of getting some real good photos. In this video blog I wanted to talk about what I am carrying with me and why. So I hope this video is not only entertaining but may also help you on your next photographic adventure.

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Is Lightroom CC Dead ?!?! - Adobe Keynote Announcement News

So with the recent announcements coming from Adobe's Keynote event today. Many have been wondering is Lightroom as we know it, dead? Well, yes it is. However what Adobe really did was just change the name of the desktop version of Lightroom CC and created an additional web based version.

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Understanding Speedlites - How To Use The Optical Slave Modes On Your Flash

Are you having trouble using your speedlite or are you just wanting to learn more about flash photography? In this video tutorial I explain the difference in normal optical slave mode and pre-flash cancellation mode, how to use them and when.

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Understanding Speedlites - The Two Main Types & Will The Flash Work With Your Camera

Are you considering purchasing a speedlite for your camera so  you can get into flash photography. But are unsure what speedlites with work with your camera and possibly even what type is right for you. In this video I go over the two main types of speedlites on the market and what you should do to make sure your new flash will work correctly on your camera.

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Canon Powershot G1X mark III - Leaked Specifications, Images, Pricing & My Thoughts

We have finally got some leaked information, photos and possible pricing of the soon to be announced Canon Powershot G1X mark III. Canon's flagship Powershot series camera is to have a full 24 mega-pixel APS-C sized sensor, but could the higher price tag put buyers off?

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Weekly Photo Blog With Joe - Rumored Specs On the Canon EOS 7D mark III & Growing My Channel

In this weeks video blog we have new information on the Canon Powershot G1X mark III and the Canon EOS 7D mark III cameras. Plus I talk about my week of fasting to loose weight and what I am doing to try to grow my channel.

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