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Weekly Photo Blog With Joe - Canon 6D mk II Dynamic Range & Are Your Editing Your Photos Wrong?

Seems there is never a perfect piece of gear for everyone. In this case of the just released Canon 6D mark II. It turns out it may not have improved dynamic range that we all hoped. But does this spell the end of the camera, or is just being blown out of proportion?

Photons to Photos (charts):
DP Review (photo samples):
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Weekly Photo Blog With Joe - Bowens Is Dead, plus 7D mk III & 90D Coming Soon?

After 94 years in business. Photography equipment giant Bowens is shutting down. Claiming china put them out of business. In this weeks Photo Blog I give you my opinion of why Bowens is dead, plus could the next Canon 7D mark III & 90D be just around the corner?

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Retouching Video In Adobe Premier Pro - Basic Adjustments & Using Curves

Are you looking for a tutorial on how to get started retouching your video footage in Adobe Premier Pro CC? In this video I start you out with some basic indoor footage like many Youtubers would be using. I will show you have to quickly adjust white balance, basic adjustments, curves and standard sharpening.

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3 Years Into Making YouTube Videos - Channel Update & More...

Well folks I have been at the whole YouTube things for just over 3 years now and I wanted to talk about that, the future of the channel and more.

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Canon EOS SL2 Is Out! - Could This Be The New Vlogging Camera? Also SL1 & 80D Comparison

Canon has just announced the EOS SL2 DSLR camera. This compact DSLR has been updated with many new video features many vloggers are going to love and some still shooters will enjoy also. In this video I talk about the new features and also compare it to the SL1 as well as the 80D.

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Canon EOS 6D & 6D mark II Comparison - Whats New & Improved And Clearing Up Misconceptions

Well the Canon EOS 6D mark II has been officially announced. Many are excited about this new camera, but seems there are just as many that are criticizing many of it features. In this video I wanted to talk about whats new & improved and clear up any misconceptions many consumers may be getting about this camera in regards to it and who this camera is actually marketed towards.

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