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Ultra Portable Budget Flash Softbox System Under $110

Are you looking for a budget and travel friendly lighting solution. Then I may have just what your looking for. I have put together a flash lighting solution that also uses a very compact softbox that can make those weekend trips to the park, camping or any other event where you want professional looking results, but do not want to drag everything out of the studio.

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Understanding Microphones - How To Get The Best Quality Sound From Them

In this video we talk about microphones. There are many different types and brands on the market and I do not own them all. But I do have a few types that many YouTubers and Podcasters may be using. So I try to explain a few types, their uses and what you can do to try to get the best quality sound from them.

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My Move From Mac OS Over To Windows 10 - Two Weeks Later Update Vlog

So two weeks ago I made the move back to a Windows PC from using Mac OS for the past 4 years. The biggest challenge was finding and learning new software that was similar that I had grown accustomed to on the Mac. In this video blog I talk about my experience making the move, what software I had to get and what I think about using Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

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How To Customize Your Identity Plate - Adobe Lightroom CC Tutorial

Are you wanting to customize your copy of Adobe Lightroom. Perhaps you want to show off your branding to your clients when they view your display. In this quick Lightroom CC tutorial I will show you how you can quickly customize your Identity Plate or change it out with a totally custom graphical one your created in Photoshop.

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Kate Backdrop Photography Backgrounds Review - Wrinkle Free Photo Backdrops For Portraits

Are you looking to add a creative touch to your portrait photography? Recently Kate Backdrop was kind enough to send me two of the photo backgrounds for a review. Made of polyester fabric I found them to be fantastic backgrounds. In this video I talk about the build quality of these backgrounds and also show some photos that I took to show off the creative potential these backdrops can add to your portraiture.

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Zoom H1 Handy Stereo Pocket Recorder - Review With Audio Samples

The Zoom H1 is a extremely popular and versatile audio recorder. Featuring XY stereo recording and both stereo line in and out. Makes it useful for many recording situations. In this product review I go over they key features that will appeal to most users and give my honest opinions on the Zoom H1 Handy Pocket Recorder.

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Creating Your Own Home Studio On A Budget - Basic Portrait Photography Gear

Are you thinking about setting up your own small home studio for taking photos? Its easy to get confused on what gear you need and ever more easy to over spend your budget on things you really do not need. In this video I talk about my small studio and explain a few budget things you will need to get started.

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How To Get The Best Quality Sound From Your DSLR – Preventing Audio Clipping & Hiss

Are you looking to get the best audio and sound quality from your DSLR. In this video I explain how to setup the Rode Video Mic Pro onto your DSLR and explain in detail on how to setup your camera and mic for the best audio.

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Yongnuo YN660 Speedlite Review - Powerful Flash Under $100

The Yongnuo YN660 could possibly be the most powerful flash currently on the market under $100. This manual flash features built in wireless radio transceiver so it can work both as a transmitter and receiver without having to worry about line of sight. So what makes this speedlite better then the older YN560 IV? In this video I explain key features that make this a better buy then the slightly cheaper YN560 IV.

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HP Omen Laptop 15AX220-TX – Quick Review & Overview

I have been planning to move back over to the PC for some time now. I have been moving all my software slowly back over to PC. So I finally found a computer I liked and before I finished setting everything up and disconnecting my Mac for the last time, I wanted to make a quick review of my new 2017 HP Omen.

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This Is Not The Video I Planned To Make Today – Canon Service Center Broke My Camera

Well like the title says, this was not the video I planned to make today. Turns out Canon service center broke my EOS 70D camera and then tried to bill me for the damages. I am very upset over this but have no idea how to get this resolved. So I though I would at least expose their b.s..

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What Size Lens Cap Or Filter Do I Need For My Camera Lens – Understanding Filter Thread Sizes

Are you just getting started in the world of photography and your looking to buy a few accessories. One of the first additional pieces of gear is a lens filter. Not only is there a good number of different types. You soon realize there is many different sizes of them as well. In this video I show you how you can find out the diameter of the filter size on your lens so you know what filter size to get and it is also very helpful incase you have to replace any lost lens caps.

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