Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blown Away By Aurora HDR | Joe's Video Blog

Blown Away By Aurora HDR | Joe's Video Blog
   I have been getting burned out from using Photomatix to process my HDR photos. It just have what I wanted, or better say needed to fully express my creativity. So when I seen a video by Trey Ratcliff talking about a new HDR program he helped develop with Macphun software. I was very interested and after using it I am excited to tell everyone about it. Now I am not reviewing this software as it was just released and even before posting this vlog today an update has already been released. But I wanted to let all my viewers know about this software and were they can go to download the trial and try it out for themselves.

Grab your free trial of Aurora HDR from Macphun here: www.aurorahdr.com

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