Monday, September 21, 2015

On The Beach - High Key Long Exposure | Lightroom 6 & CC Tutorial

On The Beach - High Key Long Exposure | Lightroom 6 & CC Tutorial
   Long exposure photography can be a fun and creative way change the way your photos look and feel. In this Lightroom 6 & CC retouching tutorial I show you how I retouch this high-key long exposure I took on the beach.

On The Beach - High Key Long Exposure, © Exodist Photography, All Rights Reserved

About This Photo:

   This photo was taken on the beach here where I live. The stick platforms you see in the background are made of bamboo and the locals put them there to sit on and fish sardines and other fish in the water. I took this photo on a very gloomy day and I had intended on getting a long 30sec exposure as the sun started to set, instead I was only able to get a 8sec exposure because it started raining. That happens sometimes. Which is why to get the 8sec exposure it required me to use an aperture of f/29 and a 3 stop ND filter, in addition my CPL which got me one more additional stop of light reduction.

   The camera, lens and exposure used was a Canon EOS 600D (T3i), Canon EF-S 10-22mm USM Lens and a exposure settings of ISO100, 8sec, f/29 at 22mm. Also small gorilla pod was used to get the camera low to the ground and hold it steady.

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