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Reducing High ISO Noise In Your Photos | Lightroom 6 & CC Retouching Tutorial

Is high ISO noise plaguing your photos? In this retouching tutorial we focus mainly on how to reduce that bothersome sensor noise in your photos and I will show you one of my tricks to retaining detail in your subject, while also removing noise were its most noticeable.

About This Photo:

This photo was taken in Singapore in 2014. Camera used was the Canon EOS 70D and lens was the Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC Lens. Exposure used was ISO1600, f/4, 1/200sec @70mm. This was taken at a bird park with lots of trees and covering. Plus it was partly cloudy. So I ended up having to use ISO ranges all day from 800 to 3200. Flash was not an option as it would disturb the animals. This little fella here seemed to want its photo taken, little did I really know it really just wanted to flog me and peck me on the head. We managed to do both. LOL

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Adobe CC Photography Pa…

Top 5 Things I Consider When Purchasing A New DSLR | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Everyone has certain improvements they look for when buying a new camera. So what are your Top 5 things you look for when purchasing a new SLR camera? In this vlog I talk about what I consider is most important when upgrading and why I feel they are on my top 5 list.

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What Do Those Numbers On My Camera Lens Mean | Photography Tips & Techniques

Is your camera gear confusing to you? Would you like to know what all those numbers on the front and side of your camera lens mean? In this video I will explain what they mean and how they can directly effect your photographs.

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The Day My Canon 70D Died | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Today is a very sad day for me. A good friend of mine has bit the dust. Today my Canon 70D died on me while recording video. Not sure exactly what failed in the camera, but it got very hot and froze up. Hopefully Canon can repair it..

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Low Key Black & White Grungy Male Portrait Basic Edit | Lightroom 6 & CC Retouching Tutorial

Stepping into the world of low key photography? Or perhaps just want to add more detail to your black and white photos. In this Lightroom retouching tutorial I will show you how you can take almost any low key photo and turn it into an image that demands to be seen.

About this tutorial:
   The image above was take on a Canon 70D with the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art Lens. Two Yongnuo YN560 Speedlites were also used in a Rembrandt configuration with white shoot-through umbrellas. The umbrellas are great for softening up your light sources, but do not control spillage very well and that led to light being on the wall in the un edited photo. Also keep in mind I was only 3 feet away from the wall behind me. Moving 2 feet further away could have easily made the background go completely black, but the reason we make tutorials like this is so you can fix imperfect photos. If they were all perfect before we edited them, then no one would learn anything. The exposure settings used was ISO100, f…

Saturdays Video (Aug 22, 2015) Will Be Moved To Next Saturday...

Dear loyal friends and viewers, Saturdays video will be moved to next Saturday. So basically there will be no video on Aug 22, 2015 and the video I had planned for tomorrow I will just show next Saturday. I really want to apologize for this, but to be upfront and honest I haven't had the time to complete the video and I do not want to rush something together. We have had a death in the family and I just haven't had enough time to complete the gear review. So I wanted to give everyone a heads up and next Saturday if everything goes as planned I will have finished my gear review on the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art lens. Hope everyone understands.
V/R, Joe

Field Tools - IOS App For Calculating Depth of Field | Photography Tips & Techniques

Even the most experienced photographer may have trouble getting their depth of field correct from time to time. In this video I introduce you to Field Tools, an Apple IOS app that works on all your IOS devices. Just enter your camera and lens information, then your off to figuring out how much playing room you have to keep everyone in your group photos in focus, or calculate to make sure your landscape photos have everything you want in focus without having to push the aperture to the breaking point.

Get Field Tools:

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Casey Neistat Video Gear - What Cameras, Lens & Microphones Does He Use? | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Hey all you Casey Neistat fans out there. Many of you constantly ask what camera and video gear is he using to create his video blogs. Well as a photographer and avid viewer myself, I wanted to help answer those questions and give you an overview of the gear he uses.

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Casey's Video Gear:

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Share Photos To Facebook Using Publishing Services | Lightroom 6 & CC Retouching Tutorial

Looking for a easy way to manage and share your photos to Facebook? In this video tutorial I will show you step by step how you can use Adobe Lightroom 6 & CC to do just that with the built in publishing manager.  This is a convenient way to upload and keep track of all your Facebook photos!

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Using Watermarks On Your Photos, Should You And If Yes When? | Joe's Videos & Blogs

To watermark or not to watermark! That is the question many have. While it seems the majority of people dislike watermarks for various reasons. In this video I will talk about how they can promote your branding, help you in a legal bind and when they should frankly not be used at all.

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Saturdays video (Aug 15th 2015) will be delayed until Sunday morning...

Hey Everyone, Saturdays video (Aug 15th 2015) will be delayed until Sunday morning the following day. I hope no one is to upset over this. I may have had a taste of food poison from traveling. I actually will be filming my next video on this Saturday. It will be a Video Blog about my thoughts and suggestions in regards to Watermarks and were they stand in the whole legal system. Should be interesting to anyone looking into that topic or looking for advice about the issue. Hope to see everyone then..

Creating Title Text & Generated Backgrounds | Final Cut Pro X Tips & Techniques

In this Final Cut Pro X video tutorial we cover the basics of creating custom title text and how to use generated backgrounds with them in your videos. I also share a few tips and techniques I use to personalize your own title text.

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UV Protection Filters, Do You Need One For Photography Or Not? | Joe's Videos & Blogs

One question that gets ask and often highly debated is if a UV Protection Filter is actually needed for photography. In this video I will discuss why and when I believe they are both useful or unneeded. Plus I go cover why some weather sealed lenses may actually require one to be fully weather sealed.

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Tiffen UV Protection Filters*:
(*Choose the size you need.)

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Ocean Cliff Sunset With Silhouette | Lightroom CC Retouching Tutorial

Often when trying to get silhouette shots of objects or people against very bright light. You take the chance of ended up with a washed out photo. In this Lightroom CC tutorial I will show you how you can edit these images, bring back lots of color and turn a bland photo into a grand photo.

About This Photo:

   This photo was taken on a Canon T3i (600D) with the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 Lens. The exposure used was 1/60sec, f/11 and ISO200 at 10mm. Aperture of f/11 was used to ensure the greatest amount of depth of field. The islands in the background for example were over 50 miles away. While the trees and cliff side were only about 10ft away. I was also trying to over exposure the background to give myself a nice silhouette of the cliff side. Sadly my lens wasn't to thrilled with this and ended up with a very washed out photo. But as you can see in the tutorial, there was still some hope for a good image.

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Logitech K811 Bluetooth Keyboard For Mac | Product Unboxing Plus Gear Review

Do you need a new Mac keyboard, or just not thrilled with the one you got? In this video I unbox the Logitech K811 Bluetooth Keyboard and since this is the 2nd one I have purchased. I will also give a review of the keyboard from a users perspective and let you know what I like and dislike about it.

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Logitech K811 for Mac:

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Photography Basics: 3 Ways To Improve Your Photos | Tips & Techniques

Are you looking to spice up your photos and improve your photography skills as a whole? In this Tips & Techniques video I cover some of the basics of photography and explain 3 ways you can improve your photos. I will go over composition, lighting and which image formats can yield better results.

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Canon Announcments Coming August 14th, What Do You Expect Or Hope For? | Joe's Videos & Blogs

So Canon is expected to make a product announcement come August 14th, 2015. But just a week away and many photography enthusiast around the globe are still debating on what new products will be announced. There are talks about possibly two new/updated lenses and possibly two camera updates as well.

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Learn How To Use Lightroom 6/CC, Exporting Photos & Image Formats | Photo Retouching Tutorial

Are you new to Adobe Lightroom 6 & CC and looking to learn how to use Lightroom? In this 3 part series, we start with the basics from importing, retouching and then exporting your finished photos. This is the third video in that series. In this video we focus just on exporting your photographs and understanding the image format options available to help you. Plus I even cover how to setup watermarks to help protect your photos from theft.

Video Link:

Fotodiox Macro Photography Extension Tubes, Review & How To Use | Gear Review

Are you looking for macro photography extension tubes and on a budget? Then Fotodiox may have just what you need. In this gear review I give my opinion of these budget macro tubes and explain how they are used. I hope this video will help you decide if these are right for you.

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Macro Photography Starter Kit:

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