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Should You Give Your RAW Photo Files To Your Clients | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Should you give your RAW photo files to your clients? This is a question that is often asked by photographers both commercial and private. In this video blog I go over a few reasons were it may be appropriate to release them and when its likely not. Plus I try to look at this from both the client and the photographers side.


No Video On Monday - My Birthday & Day Off..

Hello to all my dear friends and blog followers. This weekend I have been very busy updating my computer and cleaning photography gear. So I have been extremely busy. I finally decided it was safe to update my computer to the latest version os OS X Yosemite. However the update didn't go as smooth as I hoped and I have ended up having to format the system and do a fresh install. Not a big deal at all, but the download took all night. So it is Sunday 9:30pm at night here in the Philippines and I have yet to get Mondays retouching tutorial even started. That said, Monday is my birthday. So my wife has plans for me to not be in the office on Monday, that said I will come in Monday night to work on Tuesday video blog. I had planned and promised a video tutorial on Spot Healing Tool in Lightroom CC to a faithful viewer. So that tutorial will come next Monday, July 6th. For Tuesdays video blog I plan on discussing a popular topic that comes about mostly in Wedding and Realestate Phot…

Sequence Time-Lapse Photography App For Mac OSX By Frosthaus | Gear Review

On this product review, I review a popular software app for Mac OS X. Sequence, Sequence is a time-lapse photography app used to compile your photos into a video file that features deflickering and white balance corrections. So how does it perform and what are my opinions of this App.


3 Channel Mile Stones: 500 Subs, 200 Videos, Channel Turns 1yo Come July & Blog Future | Joe's Videos & Blogs

I have 3 small mile stones to talk about. We now have over 500 subscribers, over 200 videos uploaded and come the first of July the channel turns 1 year old! So what does this all mean and what is the future of the blog. In this video I give a huge thanks to my audience and talk about what I got in store for the next 365 days!


Final Cut Pro X Workflow: Starting Your First Video Project | Tips & Techniques

Looking to get started using Apple's Final Cut Pro X software to edit you wedding, travel or home movies? In this video tutorial I will show you how to start your first project, trim you video clips and how to export your finished video. So if you have never used FCP before, then this video is just what you are looking for. I made sure to take the time to cover many details about video size, frame rate and working within FCP that are essential to get started.


DxO One Camera Preview - My Opinion & Thoughts | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Are you looking for a camera, to plug into your iPhone? Likely not, but DxO thinks there is a market for the DxO ONE. They claim this iPhone attachment can produce DSLR like photos. With a price tag of an entry level DSLR we hope so. So in this video we preview the specs on this cam and I give you my thoughts and opinion about it. So you have been warned!


Lightroom CC Workflow: Batch Editing Photos For Time-Lapse Videos | Photo Retouching Tutorial

Do you have a lot of photos that need retouching? The quickest and easiest way can be to batch edit them. This can be useful for many types of photography, but especially handy for those who love time-lapse photography. In this video we do a quick edit on a photo that I am using in a time-lapse video and then use it to batch edit the rest of our images using the synchronize tool.


Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Art Lens Preview - My Opinion & Thoughts | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Looks like Sigma has been hard at work on new lens. They just announced their latest Art series lens and its for the full frame camera market. The Sigma 24-35mm DG HSM Art Lens is the fastest full frame zoom lens on the market. In this video I cover the specs on this new lens and then give you my honest opinion of Sigma's latest offering, is it a bust or will it leave others in the dust?


Canon 90EX Speedlite, Compact Flash For EOS-M Series Cameras | Gear Review

Looking for a compact flash system for you EOS-M series camera? The Canon 90EX Speedlite is Canon's smallest and most compact camera flash they offer. So how does it perform and how good is the build quality. In this video I give you my honest review of this product to help you decide if this is the flash is right for you.

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Canon Powershot G3X Preview, New High-End Advanced Digital Camera | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Canon have officially announced the Powershot G3X. This latest addition to the G series line of advanced digital cameras boast an impressive 25x optical zoom and has a manual movie mode that can record video at 1080p at 60FPS. Also a first for the G series line is a microphone input jack. Check out my video for other new features and my initial impressions & concerns.


How To Take A Professional Looking Time-Lapse | Photography Tips & Techniques

Are you looking to get into the world of Time-Lapse Photography? Or are you simply looking for tips and techniques to improve you skill. In this video I share with you my techniques for taking smooth, flicker free time lapse photos that can put you on the road to success in no time.


Lightroom CC 2015.1 Update! New tools & bug fixes | Joe's Videos & Blogs

The latest update to the popular photo editing software Adobe Lightroom has just came down the internet pipeline. This is the first update to this years release of Lightroom CC & Lr 6. So what is new and what isn't going to be added to the standalone Lr 6 version. In this video I get you up-to-date on the latest update!


Why Is Photography So Hostile, My Opinion | Joe's Videos & Blogs

The photography world seems to be growing more and more hostile towards others in the community and business each day. With cameras becoming so easy to use and afford, it seems everything thinks they are the next Ansel Adams. In this video blog I talk about one of my recent experiences and give my opinions on the matter.


How To Use Time Lapse Assembler To Create A Time-Lapse Video | Photo Retouching Tutorial

Looking for a quick and easy solution to putting together a time-lapse video on your Mac PC? Time Lapse Assembler is my favorite application for time-lapse photography. In this retouching tutorial I show you how to download and explain the program in depth to get you own you way to creating your own time-lapse videos.


Challenging Yourself Creatively As A Photographer | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Race towards greatness, or sit idle and watch your competitors pass you by. This is the nature of photography. In this video blog I talk about ways I challenge myself and how another youtube blogger has even inspired me to work harder on my photography blog.


How To Setup A Camera Intervalometer For Time-Lapse | Photography Tips & Techniques

Wanting to get into Time-Lapse Photography, but feeling a little intimidated or confused on how to operate one of those Intervalometer thingies. No worries! In this video I will step you through understanding a intervalometer and its interval timing settings in no time flat.


Should You Get A Battery Grip For Your DSLR? | Joe's Videos & Blogs

Do you need a battery grip, should you get a battery grip, what the heck is a battery grip? In this video blog I talk about battery grips and if you should get one for your DSLR camera. So if you are trying to decide what the benefits of getting one, or why you may not want one. Then you will want to watch this video.


Lightroom 6 Workflow: Using Face Recognition, Keywords & Metadata | Retouching Tutorial

Looking for a quick tutorial to show you how to start using the new Facial Recognition software now in Adobe Lightroom? In this video I will show you how to use it, plus how to use Keywords and Metadata to speed up your workflow by cutting down the time you spend searching for those lost photos.


Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone, Unboxing & Review With Audio Samples | Gear Review

Do you need a studio quality cardioid microphone that is also compact enough to be travel friendly. Perhaps the USB powered Samson Meteor Mic may just been for you. Coming in a chrome or matt black finish, they offer real time headphone monitoring and studio quality sound. In this video I unbox a 2nd microphone I ordered in, play back some un-edited audio samples and give my honest review on this product so you can see if its right for you.

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How To Take A Time-Lapse Using Magic Lantern, Intervalometer Setup | Tips & Techniques

Are you eager to start taking time-lapse photos using Magic Lantern on your Canon DSLR? Using Magic Lantern's built in Intervalometer is easy and you can quickly be shooting in no time. In this video I explain the interval timing functions in the software and show you how to quickly get setup and shooting.


Canon EOS Rebel SL2 (110D, 150D) Coming This August, Rumored Spec's | Joe's Videos

If you are waiting for an update to the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, it looks like you may be in luck. Rumor has it the SL2 could be right around the corner and be released as soon as August. Plus come with a host of updates that could make this the perfect small Digital SLR for almost anyone!


Lightroom 6 Workflow: Cinematic Street Photography | Retouching Tutorial

Are you looking for new ways to give your photos that edge, or more of a Cinematic "Hollywood" look to them? In this Lightroom 6 "Lr CC" tutorial I will step you through retouching a photo I took of a street in Hong Kong and explain each step through out the process.

About this photo:
   My trip to Hong Kong this year was not the most productive, soon after we arrived rain had set in ruining my chance to get some great city scape shots, however I didn't let it ruin my entire trip. Matter of fact I seized the opportunity to get some amazing steer shots with lights defecting off the water on the streets.
   The photo used in this video was shot on my Canon EOS 70D equipped with the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art Lens. A Benro MonoPod was also used. Exposure settings on this photo were ISO1600, f/2.8 and 1/30sec. 20mm (32mm full frame equivalent) was used to get a good wide angle. 1/30sec was fast enough to get a sharp image using a monopod without having to raise th…