Sunday, April 5, 2015

New Posting Times

Hello Everyone,
   In an effort to try to help my YouTube channel get more views and boost ranking. I will be adjusting the times I will be releasing videos. Since most of my viewers are in the USA I don't see this being a huge impact on those watchers. I will be shifting the time I release videos by an additional 6 hours. The goal is to release videos at 9PM Philippines time, which is also 6AM Pacific and 9AM Eastern Time. The reasoning is due to how Google/YouTube determines if your video is popular or not. If I continue to release at midnight Pacific Time, it sets for many hours and youtube thinks it isn't a popular video, even though its just very few are getting to see it at that hour. Hopefully this adjustment has very little to no impact on my watchers and at the same time helps the videos get seen by a larger audience. Its important for the channel to grow, its in growth that I am able to bring more to my audience.

New Release Schedule:
Mon, Tue, Thr, Sat. 9am Eastern Time.

Thank you all for your consideration..