Monday, January 5, 2015

Learn How To Create Star Trails With StarStaX ver. 0.70 | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Create Star Trails With StarStaX ver. 0.70
   Are you wanting to learn how to create amazing star trail photos of the night sky, but not sure were to begin? Let me show you a easy to learn program called StarStaX that can help you create those images. In this video tutorial I will show you were to get this amazing program, plus how to setup your camera and a few basic techniques to help you on your way to shooting amazing star trails!

About this tutorial:

Many Astro Photographers take advantage of the cool to cold nights during this time of the year to take pristine photos of the night sky. The low humidity this time of year makes it ideal. So I wanted to post a tutorial that would be great for this time of year. Since the new release of the latest version of StarStaX I felt a redo of one of my older tutorials I previously removed due to bad audio was fitting. So I hope everyone enjoys this tutorial, as always please leave your comments below and if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel please take the time to do so.