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Learn How To Create A 70's Vintage Photo & Preset In Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Create A 70's Vintage Photo & Preset In Adobe Lightroom 5
   Do you like vintage photos from the 1970's? Many like to re-create the retro look of the past and in this video tutorial I can show you have to create those old photos and make a quick preset in Adobe Lightroom 5.

70's Vintage Peddy Cab Street Photo, © 2015 Exodist Photography

About this tutorial:

   Well this is the first tutorial that I have created in my new office since I moved in and I hope everyone enjoys this video tutorial. Looking on YouTube I didn't find many video tutorials on creating retro/vintage photos from the 70's[1]. What few I did find I felt were lacking a bit or were more aimed at Photoshop and not really for Lightroom. So I hope this video tutorial is useful and informative for anyone looking to re-create a 70's look photo for fun or professionally.

   The photo used in this video tutorial was taken on a Canon EOS 600D (Rebel T3i)[2] and the Canon EF 75-300mm mark III lens[3]. This lens is a older lens and has no image stabilization, also in optical quality it is starting to become a little soft. Since this lens has no IS and I was shooting at the full 300mm (480mm on a cropped sensor camera like the 600D used). I had my sensor sensitivity bumped up to ISO400 and was shooting at 1/800th second. Aperture was at f/5.6 to try to soften the background up. As always for normal photos I was shooting RAW and using ProPhoto RGB. No filters were used in this shot.

Links: [1] [2]–300mm_lens [3]


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