Monday, January 19, 2015

Creating A Profile Photo & Portrait Editing In Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Creating A Profile Photo & Portrait Editing In Adobe Lightroom 5
   Are you wanting to learn Lightroom portrait editing techniques, or just create a classy profile photo to put on Facebook? In this video tutorial I can show you how to do just that! Let me show you a few basic tips I use in Adobe Lightroom 5 to help improve your images and create amazing profile photographs.

About this tutorial:

   I decided to make this tutorial after testing my lighting equipment in my new studio the other night. I had taken a few shots and one I liked enough after editing in Lightroom to replace my google and Facebook profile photos with. So I thought I would share my techniques I use when editing portraits to get what I feel is the best result without going overboard like many do in Photoshop.

Profile Photo

   I took this photo on my trusty Canon 70D and my Sigma 17-70mm Contemporary Lens. The lighting setup I used was two continuous 45w fluorescent lamps on cowboy studio light stands with two white pass through umbrellas. In addition I used a Canon 430EX II Speedlite controlled by Cowboy studio triggers. Both were at 45 degrees on each side about head high.  The Speedlite was on the left and the other light on the right was used as a fill light. My camera settings were at ISO100, 1/250sec and f/8 at 70mm. Since I was alone doing this I used a cheap IR remote to trigger my camera and had it on a tripod. Took a couple of tries to get me positioned just right, but was a piece of cake.