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Learn How To Take A Time Lapse With Your iPhone Or Any Apple IOS 8 Device | Tips & Techniques

Not to long ago Apple released IOS version 8. One of the new features introduced in this version was the ability to take time-lapse videos. This had many users excited, but when they updated their devices the lack of camera setting for time-lapse photography left many scratching their heads how to use it correctly. In this video I will go over the basics and show you how IOS dynamically adjust the time lapse footage based on the amount of time you use it recording.

About this tip:

   I am one of those who got excited to hear about Apple adding time-lapse feature in IOS 8. But was also left baffled on how exactly you was supposed to really use it other then pressing the start and stop shutter button. So after careful research I found the information I was looking for and I wanted to share that knowledge with my fellow photographers and viewers.  In the end it is actually quiet simple and unique how Apple decided to implement the time-lapse feature. So check out the video and don…

YouTube To Start Displaying 360 Degree Video & What Cameras Will You Need | Joe's Videos

So YouTube has announced that they will start getting their system ready to allow showing of 360 degree video. What is 360 degree video you ask and what cameras will you need create such video. In this video blog post I give you my thoughts on this and what cameras I have been looking at.

Working On Fixing My Google Accounts | Joe's Videos

When Google decided to integrate account management with all their owned products like Youtube, Blogger and so on, it made it difficult to keep the products associated with the correct accounts. While the idea sounded great and overall its very convenient to use. If for example your Youtube gets linked to your personal Google+ page instead of your business page, changing it can be scary and nerve racking task. Check out my video blog post for more on this..

Learn How To Use Shadowmapping To Create Dramatic HDR Images | Video Tutorial

Are your HDR photos lacking detail and contrast? In this video tutorial I show how you can create a shadow map of your image and combine it with you regular HDR pic to create a dramatic HDR image that is sure to help get your artwork noticed. So if your into High-Dynamic-Range photography. You will not want to miss this video tutorial.

About this tutorial:

   HDR Photography can be exciting and fun. I contribute it as one of the reasons I came back to photography. Back in the days of film, you had limitations to what you could do unless you owned your own darkroom. But thanks to computers, the possibilities now seem endless. This is one of the many photos I took at Disney Land in Hong Kong a few years back and I wanted to show everyone how I now modernly process most all my HDR images and create these remarkably highly detailed photos. In this tutorial I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and HDR Soft's Photomatix Pro software.
If HDR photography interest you I will put a link at …

I Have A Rant! Tony Northrup Giving Out Wrong Information! | Joe's Videos

Normally I try to avoid conflict between fellow youtube channels as I feel we should be helping each other out and not trying to cut each others heads off. Now I am not out to get Tony by any means here. But he did give out some wrong information on a few of his videos and when I tried to help him by giving him the correct information. I was told to come up with something constructive and he would listen. So while this video is a little rant-sih. I did sit on the topic for a few days to chill out before making a video and trying my best to explain why his theories on camera aperture were all wrong both mathematically and realistically. So this is my video response to his video here:

Samsung Pro SDHC Memory Card Review With Benchmarks & Comparison (New White Model) | Gear Review

Samsung has recently released a new model of their Samsung Pro SD Cards. The new model is now white and silver. But despite the look of the memory card changing, we wanted to know how does it perform and hold up. So check out this video review of the new Samsung Pro SDHC 32GB Memory Card. I also benchmarked the newer and older model for comparison.

About this product review:

   Its important to have dependable memory cards for your camera, loosing photos can cost you money and potential customers. This is why I trust Samsung memory cards. Keep in mind I do not get paid nor receive any thing from Samsung. They likely have no idea who I am. So when I recommend these cards, you can rest assure I truly mean it. Check out the link below for Samsung's product page for these cards and if you liked this video don't forget to like and hit the Thumbs Up. Also if you haven't subscribed to my channel, now is a great time!


Creating A Profile Photo & Portrait Editing In Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Are you wanting to learn Lightroom portrait editing techniques, or just create a classy profile photo to put on Facebook? In this video tutorial I can show you how to do just that! Let me show you a few basic tips I use in Adobe Lightroom 5 to help improve your images and create amazing profile photographs.

About this tutorial:

   I decided to make this tutorial after testing my lighting equipment in my new studio the other night. I had taken a few shots and one I liked enough after editing in Lightroom to replace my google and Facebook profile photos with. So I thought I would share my techniques I use when editing portraits to get what I feel is the best result without going overboard like many do in Photoshop.

   I took this photo on my trusty Canon 70D and my Sigma 17-70mm Contemporary Lens. The lighting setup I used was two continuous 45w fluorescent lamps on cowboy studio light stands with two white pass through umbrellas. In addition I used a Canon 430EX II Speedlite contro…

Which Mac Computer To Upgrade To? | Joe's Videos

Making smart and decisive upgrade decisions can be a tough task. Unless your a fan of the iMac, Apple doesn't make their upgrade options when purchasing a new machine as straight forward as one would hope. I have been using a late 2012 model Mac Mini with Ivy bridge quad core CPU and its been a awesome machine for the price. But Apples recent decision to make the Mini a dual core "entry level" machine a bad upgrade option for many of us. So where do I go from here? Mac Pro? MackBook Pro? What are your thoughts?


BlackRapid RS-7 Curve Camera Strap & RS-4 Comparison | Gear Review

Are you in the market for a solid built camera strap? Perhaps you looking to upgrade from one of those old style neck straps that keeps hurting your neck and shoulders. Then take a good look at this affordable solution from BlackRapid, the RS-7 Curve Classic Camera Strap.

About this product review:

   I have been using this strap for about 6 months now and its been a solid investment. Having a chance to own both the current RS-7 and older RS-4 models. I felt not only a review was in hand, but a comparison video for anyone looking to upgrade to the newer model and what may be the pros and cons. I hope everyone enjoys this vide, this is the first review I have done in my new studio office. The walls are still bare and I am working on make the place look nicer and more appealing in my videos. As always everyones comments are welcome so please take the time to leave them below and if you find this video helpful, please hit the thumbs up or even better yet subscribe to my YouTube Chann…

Learn How To Create A 70's Vintage Photo & Preset In Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Do you like vintage photos from the 1970's? Many like to re-create the retro look of the past and in this video tutorial I can show you have to create those old photos and make a quick preset in Adobe Lightroom 5.

About this tutorial:

   Well this is the first tutorial that I have created in my new office since I moved in and I hope everyone enjoys this video tutorial. Looking on YouTube I didn't find many video tutorials on creating retro/vintage photos from the 70's[1]. What few I did find I felt were lacking a bit or were more aimed at Photoshop and not really for Lightroom. So I hope this video tutorial is useful and informative for anyone looking to re-create a 70's look photo for fun or professionally.

   The photo used in this video tutorial was taken on a Canon EOS 600D (Rebel T3i)[2] and the Canon EF 75-300mm mark III lens[3]. This lens is a older lens and has no image stabilization, also in optical quality it is starting to become a little soft. Since thi…

Almost Ready To Move Into New Office | Joe's Videos

Hey Everyone! We are just finishing up the touches on my new studio office and I can not wait to move in. I thought I would make a video of the new studio office and tell you about it, so don't miss this video and check it out.

About this video:

   A lot of work over the holidays has been put into the new studio office and with a lot of help I have almost got it complete. The weather has set us back a good bit with lots of heavy rain here in the Philippines and even a Typhoon last week. The outside is still being painted in between showers but at least I will be able to move in this week.

Learn How To Create Star Trails With StarStaX ver. 0.70 | Video Tutorial

Are you wanting to learn how to create amazing star trail photos of the night sky, but not sure were to begin? Let me show you a easy to learn program called StarStaX that can help you create those images. In this video tutorial I will show you were to get this amazing program, plus how to setup your camera and a few basic techniques to help you on your way to shooting amazing star trails!

About this tutorial:

Many Astro Photographers take advantage of the cool to cold nights during this time of the year to take pristine photos of the night sky. The low humidity this time of year makes it ideal. So I wanted to post a tutorial that would be great for this time of year. Since the new release of the latest version of StarStaX I felt a redo of one of my older tutorials I previously removed due to bad audio was fitting. So I hope everyone enjoys this tutorial, as always please leave your comments below and if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel please take the time to do s…