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Now Is A Great Time To Follow Exodist Photography!

Hello Everyone! With 2015 quickly approaching. Now is a great time to follow the Exodist Photography Video Blog. With so many new videos starting this January you really don't want to miss any of it. You can also find Exodist Photography on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest Google+ and more. Just Click Here to find out more information.

Christmas Lights In The Philippines 2014, In 4K UHD - Joe's Videos

Well I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep my word and get the christmas lights video out to everyone. I really had some trouble getting the video uploaded to YouTube and getting it to show up in 4K resolution. In the end I managed to get it uploaded in time for the Christmas Holidays and I really hope everyone enjoys it. The locals here in the Philippines can be very creative to use what they have on hand to make decorations from plastic bottles to old fishing nets. I hope everyone enjoys this video and as always please leave your comments below. Happy Holidays everyone!

Happy Holidays & New Office Construction | Joe's Videos

Hello Everyone! I wanted to post and say Happy Holidays to everyone out there. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Here in the Philippines it isn't snowing but there is still plenty of holiday cheer. Also I am in the middle of construction on my new studio office. I am hoping to have this finished before the first of the new year. Also I may not be posting any videos until January the 5th, 2015. This will give me time to get the office hopefully completed, moved in and started filming from there. I do plan on posting a Christmas lights video before then. The locals work really hard on creating some nice murals with xmas lights and I really want to share that with everyone. So that video will be posting soon as more of the lights are done. Until then I will be working hard to get this office completed over the next two weeks and to everyone out there, where ever you may be. Happy Holidays..

Learn How To Upload & Sell Photos On DeviantART | Video Tutorial

So your looking to post your photos and artwork on but not sure the proper way to go about doing so. No worries! In this video tutorial I will step you through the process of uploading, naming, adding tag and how to properly setup your image so you can sell them and make a little money to hopefully help support your hobby.

About this tutorial:

   This is is tutorial I have been wanting to do for a while. To be honest when I search on Youtube for a good how to video for uploading and selling images on DeviantART, there just isn't any really good ones. There is plenty of videos about it, but none that really caught my eye and said this is how you do it. So I made one. I really hope this video helps anyone looking to upload their images and get them ready for selling. As always if you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful please like it, also don't forget to leave any comments if you have any suggestions or just want to say hi.


Mondays Video Will Be Delayed A Few Hours...

Hello Everyone,
I would like to apologize a head of time. Monday mornings video tutorial will be delayed a few hours due to intermittent internet outage and slowdowns due to Typhoon Hagupit. While the typhoon hasn't not directly hit here, it has effected my connection. But hopefully by morning here the video will be finished uploaded and I can finish getting it ready to post. It should be up and running by early morning in the USA. Thanks to everyone for your understanding.

Neewer Ring 48 Macro LED Light | Product Review

Are you wanting to try your hands with the exciting world of macro photography? Macro photography can get expensive with all the assortment of lighting attachments, but don't fear. The Neewer Ring 48 macro LED light may just be what you need and at an affordable price that is hard to beat. Check out my review of this product and see what you get for your money.

About this product:
   The Neewer Ring 48 macro LED light is an affordable lighting alternative for users getting into the world of macro photography. It uses 2x AA batteries or an optional 3volt AC adapter that accepts voltages from 110v to 230v A/C. It comes with multiple adapter plates to fit various macro lenses from 52mm up to 67mm. The Neewer Ring 48 is a continuous lighting source and not a flash. Since my purchase of this device, Neewer has since discontinued it and now sells a the Ring 48 is a Flash version. But you can still purchase this model from resellers such as Amazon. What do I think about this macro li…

Learn How To Export Photos In Lightroom 5, Plus Understanding PPI & Image Size | Video Tutorial

If you enjoyed last weeks video tutorial on importing and managing your photos in Lightroom. This weeks tutorial will delight you. In this video tutorial I cover how to export your photos in Adobe Lightroom 5, plus I go into detail about the image size and PPI (pixel density) options in the export module.

About this tutorial:

   This tutorial was inspired by a lengthy discussion I had a while back on one of the local forums I hang around from time to time. Although that discussion was primarily about Lightroom's PPI and image size options. I thought it would be best fitted with a full tutorial on exporting files from Adobe Lightroom 5. In this video tutorial I go over the basics and try to touch in detail on many of the exporting options before spending a good amount of time going into detail on the PPI (pixel density) and image size options. I hope everyone finds this tutorial helpful and as always I look forward to your comments.