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Learn How To Download And Use GIMP | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Download And Use GIMP
   Looking for a free alternative to the all to popular Adobe Photoshop? In this video tutorial I can help you do just that. Let me show GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), the best free image editing software available. With this video I step you through the proper place to download GIMP as well as show you the basic photo adjustments to help you get started using this application for your photography needs.

About this tutorial:

   This is one tutorial that almost didn't happen. I had recently tried to upgrade to a new version of OSX operating system on my Mac and things didn't go so well. The OS just was to unstable even though I had tried it for a week and it seemed OK. So out of frustration, I reverted back to OSX Mavericks. But when it rains it pours. My backup would not restore the system back due to the fact I had OSX 10.10 installed and was trying to use Time Machine to restore back to OSX 10.9 Mavericks. So I had to reinstall all my software and this took about a week with my slow connection in the Philippines. Then to top it all off, Quicktime randomly crashes while using the latest version of GIMP.  Everything seems great while recording, but when you go to stop Quicktime at the end of your video it would hang in a random spot. So after trying this twice, I reinstalled both GIMP & Quicktime and thought they were fixed. A week later I tried to make this tutorial again, same deal. So I ended up have to try 5 times to make this tutorial, which is why you may notice a few splices in the video. I would get the video and see where the footage stopped, then start making the tutorial back from that spot again. Which I was finally able to complete.

   I really hope everyone enjoys this tutorial. Its not a complex one, but with so many false websites claiming to sell or let you download GIMP, I wanted to show everyone were the official home page of GIMP was so they could safely download the program without having to pay or get software laced with malware. I take this a small step further and show you were the basic editing tools are for adjustments, cropping and sharpening so you can get started using GIMP for your photography needs.



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