Friday, October 10, 2014

Learn How To Reduce Noise In HDR Photos | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Reduce Noise In HDR Photos
   I love HDR Photos, but when going for a very illustrative look its very easy to end up with a image that can have a lot of noise, even when shooting at ISO100. In this video I show you how to prep your images in Lightroom and then use Photomatix Pro to get the best results.

HDR Firetruck © Exodist Photography

About this tutorial:

   High-dynamic-range photography[1] can be both rewarding and challenging at times. I wanted to make this tutorial to show you how you can take some images that are underexposed and still use them to create a brilliant illustrative HDR image while highly reducing the amount of noise one would normally get. In this video tutorial I start out preparing my 3 bracketed exposures[2] in Adobe Lightroom 5[3] and then export them to HDR Soft's Photomatix Pro[4] software were we do most of our image post processing and then re-import the combined image back into Lightroom and finish up on some final touches.

   My Firetruck HDR photo is a 3 image HDR in -2EV, Metered and +2EV exposures. I used my trusty Canon EOS 70D and my Canon EF-S 10-22mm USM ultra-wide angle lens at 10mm. Which gives me the 16mm equivalent to full-frame. I used Aperture priority mode (Av) as there was still enough light to do so. My metered exposure was at ISO100, f/6.3 and at 10sec. I used f/6.3 to get the most DoF and sharpness. I could have pushed up to f/9 to get a better DoF of the back of the truck with out sacrificing sharpness, however that would have pushed my +2EV exposure past 30 seconds. This is a prime example of were focus bracketing would have been very beneficial. But I still think it looks very nice. Also just a reminder that this of course was done on a tripod and I used 2sec delay to keep vibrations down.

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