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How To Use & What Is The Quick Develop Tool In Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Perhaps one of the most overlooked tools in Adobe Lightroom's Library module is the Quick Develop tool. In this video I will step you through the ins and outs of this tool and show you how it could possibly help improve your time-lapse photography.

About this tutorial:

   Many Lightroom[1] users over look or just flat out forget about Quick Develop tool in the Library Module. While it doesnt have as many functions one needs to full process ones images when shooting in RAW, it does have its usefulness and even possibly some uses that many may have not considered before. In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Quick Develop tool and will explain how this tool could possibly help improve ones time-lapse photography[2].

References: [1] [2]

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Monday, Sep 29th 2014
How To Use & What Is The Quick Develop Tool In Lr 5
   In this video tutorial I step you through the ins and outs of the Quick Develop tool in Adobe Lightroom 5.

Wednesday, Oct 1st 2014
Camera Straps & BlackRapid RS-7 Curve
   On this weeks Photo Talk we talk about camera straps and I share my initial thoughts on the BlackRapid RS-7 Curve.

Friday, Oct 3rd 2014
Learn How To Setup Picture Styles On Your Canon DSLR Camera
   On this weeks Tips & Techniques, I go over how to setup picture styles on you Canon DSLR camera and discuss when and how they are used.

Best Budget Lenses For New Photographers Under $500 | Tips & Techniques

So you just got your first DSLR camera, but all the lens choices out there leave your head spinning. In this video I give you lens suggestions based on the best price and performance ratio under $500 dollars. I cover everything from Standard Zooms to Macro photography in this video. So if you looking for the best budget lenses for fall 2014. I have my picks listed.

About this topic:

   Fall has arrived and with the christmas shopping season about a month away, I felt it was time to put out my picks for the best budget lenses for new photographers under $500 US Dollars. I base my suggestions on price and performance without exceeding $500 dollars. So while there may be cheaper lenses out there, these are my picks for the ones that perform the best in optical and build quality. I list both full frame(EF) and crop sensor(EF-S) lenses.

Lens References:…

Canon 7D Mark II Finally Arrives, Plus New Lenses From Sigma, Canon & Tamron | Photo Talk

Another busy week and so much new gear getting announced at Photokina. After a long wait the Canon EOS 7D Mark II has finally hit the market with many new improvements. Plus Sigma, Canon and Tamron all announce some really fantastic lenses that everyone is sure to love. Lets talk about these and I will give you my first impressions.

About this topic:

   More great products have been announced over the course of this past week, but none of them more talked about then the long awaited Canon EOS 7D Mark II[1], with its 65 point all cross-type AF system, 20.2 MP sensor and dual Digic 6 processors, this bad boy can kick out 10 frames per second shooting and so much more. Sigma was also shining with many new lenses including not one but two versions of their new 150-600mm lenses in both Contemporary[2] and Sports[3] categories, as well as a new super zoom lens with a 18-300mm[4] focal range. The new 7D mII wasn't the only new item from Canon, as they also announced three new lenses.…

Learn How To Setup Identity Plate & Watermarks In Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Branding is important for business growth and this tutorial will help you start setting up Adobe Lightroom 5's identity plate, plus step you through adding watermarks with in Lightroom's built in watermark tools to display your branding and copyrights on your images.

About this tutorial:

   This is another tutorial were I am focusing on the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom. So many tutorials show photographers how to work in the develop module, but few show anything else about Lightroom. So I am going through every detail of Lightroom and teaching about every detail of the program. In this video tutorial I focus on two things, the Identity Plate and Watermarks. Now I have combined these for two reasons, one they are both about branding and two the ID plate tutorial would be ridiculously short. But since they are simple, I am at least able to provide solid setup detail for anyone needing to use these features in Lightroom 5.

Coming This Week | Video Schedule Sep 22-26th, 2014

Monday, Sep 22nd 2014
Learn How To Setup Identity Plate & Watermarks In Lr 5
 Branding is important for business growth and this tutorial will help you start to get that setup in Lightroom 5 by showing how to setup your ID plate and watermarks in your photos.
Wednesday, Sep 24th 2014
Canon 7D mark II, Plus New Lens From Sigma, Canon & Tamron
 New products are out for Photokina and we look at a few of those like the 7D mark II, plus new lenses from Sigma, Canon and Tamron.
Friday, Sep 26th 2014
Best Budget Lenses For New Photographers Under $500
 So just got your first DSLR camera, now what lens do you need. In this video we cover what you need for your type of photography.

What Is A Super Zoom Lens? | Tips & Techniques

Love your DSLR, but do not want to carry around multiple lens with you when you travel. Perhaps you should check into getting a super zoom lens. What is a super zoom lens? On todays Tips & Techniques video we cover what a super zoom lens is, why they are handy and what some of the pros and cons are to using one.

About this topic:

   Super zoom lenses have been around for a good while now.  While some are very expensive, some for APS-C cameras can be very affordable. In this video I talk about the pros and cons of using a lens with such a long focal range, but also discuss the benefits of having one and if they will fit your needs as photographer. So if you love your DSLR, but are looking to lighten your load for traveling. Perhaps a Super Zoom may be in your future.


iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, Canon Lens Price Drop & WD My Passport Wifi | Photo Talk

On todays Photo Talk we discuss Apple's new iPhone 6 and how the tech used in its camera could make their way to DSLRs. Plus Canon drops the prices on many of its pro quality L lenses and Western Digital releases a new model of its My Passport external hard drives with built in Wifi and a SD card slot aimed at photographers?

About this topic:

   There is so much going on in the world of photography the past few weeks, that its almost impossible to keep up with everything. With Photokina around the corner there is more to come. Apple has finally released information on its new iPhone 6 and 6 plus models[1] with such greatly improved camera functions it surely to take another huge stab at the already mutilated point-and-shoot market. Canon has lowered the prices on many of its L lenses[2]. Looks like they may be hurting in sales of its pro quality L lens market as other lens makers like Sigma and Tamron have been stepping up their game producing high quality lens at a more affor…

Learn How To Setup Publishing Services In Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Looking to learn more about those Publishing Services you seen in Lightroom, but never knew how to use? In this video tutorial I step you through setting up Facebook to use these services as well as setup the services to have a quick way to consistently export your files for printing in Adobe Lightroom 5.

About this tutorial:

   Many miss out on using Lightroom's built in publishing services that can help you get your photos uploaded to the web as well as keeping them organized. I often seen people go through exporting their photos, then turning around and then uploading them. Most don't know about the built in publishing services in Adobe Lightroom. So in this video I will step you through setting up two if these services, the publishing option for hard disk drive (HDD) and the Facebook publishing option. Plus my recommendations for most of the settings used for both.

Coming This Week | Video Schedule Sep 15-19th, 2014

Monday, Sep 15th 2014
Learn How To Setup Publishing Services In Lightroom 5
   In this video tutorial I show you how to setup publishing services for Facebook and your HDD in Adobe Lightroom 5.

Wednesday, Sep 17th 2014
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, Canon Lens Price Drop & WD My Passport Wifi
   On Wednesdays Photo Talk we cover the latest tech news. iPhone 6, Canon lens price drop and Western Digital releases a new My Passport hard drive with Wifi and built in SD Cards slot.

Friday, Sep 19th 2014
What Is A Super Zoom Lens?
   On Fridays Tips & Techniques we cover what a super zoom lens is, why they are useful and what the pros & cons are for using them.

Beginners Accessory Buying Guide For A New Photographer | Tips & Techniques

Did you just buy a new digital camera? Not sure what else you need to go with it. With so many accessories on the market, it can leave many of us scratching our heads as we leave the store wondering did we get everything. For my Beginners Accessory Buying Guide I list the Top 5 items every new photographer needs.

About this topic:

   I have seen many so called buying guides that I just thought were rubbish, many pushing items to new photographer just to make a sale and not really help the photographer out with what they really needed to get started. So I made my own video. I list my top five items and 3 honorable mentions, plus I briefly talk about each item, how it can the photographer and if you truly need the item. I start out with number five and work my way to number one. I am sure everyone will agree, but if you don't then please post your suggestions at the bottom. I would like to hear from everyone.

Camera Audio & Samson Meteor Microphone | Photo Talk

If camera audio is so important why do DSLRs have such crap audio. Good audio can be the difference between a good video and a great one. This is the topic on todays Photo Talk. We talk about audio options for your DSLR and how the Samson Meteor Microphone can help improve the audio of your podcast videos.

About this topic:

   We all know DSLRs have the worse audio, which makes you wonder why they even bother putting stereo microphones on the camera bodies if no one wants to hear the sound anyway. This video I demonstrate the Samson Meteor Microphone and how it has improved the audio in my videos and talk about other microphones you can use to get better audio from your DSLR. With todays youtube videos being so competitive, its important to have excellent audio and this video can help steer you in the right direction.


Learn How To Get Started With Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone | Video Tutorial

Are you looking to get started using Pixelmator to edit your photos? Pixelmator offers many easy to use ways to quickly edit your photos color, contrast, exposure and more. So if you looking for a feature rich and economical photo editing solution for your Mac, look no further. In this video tutorial I will step you through the basics of photo adjustments in Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone.

About this tutorial:

   Pixelmator is one of those hidden gems and often overlooked by many.  Which is a shame because from my experience it actually out performs Adobe Photoshop Elements in both features and price point.  At around $29.99 USD at the time of this post and the fact that it now fully supports 16bit color per channel when PS Elements still does not, makes this a real competitor in the photo editing software market. The latest release 3.2 Sandstone offers many features that are just hard to over look. Many tools in Pixelmator IMHO work better then similar tools found in Photoshop CC. The …

Coming This Week.. | Video Schedule Sep 8-12th, 2014

Monday, Sep 8th 2014
Learn How To Get Started With Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone
   Step into Pixelmator with this video as I show you how to make basic color and exposure adjustments for your photographs.

Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014
Camera Audio & Samson Meteor Microphone
   On todays Photo Talk we discuss DSLR camera audio, the Samson Meteor microphone and other microphone options.

Friday, Sep 12th 2014
Beginners Accessory Buying Guide For New Photographers
   On todays Tips & Techniques we go over what is essential and what is not for new photographers and their shooting styles.

Unboxing Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD Lens | Tips & Techniques

Today on Tips & Techniques we unbox a very popular lens from camera lens maker Tamron, the SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD lens.  I take a close look at this zoom lens and give you my first impressions and see if you are getting your hard earned moneys worth.

About this product:

   The Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD Lens is known as one of your better choices when looking for a lens in this zoom range if your not yet ready to purchase one of the more expensive pro quality lenses from Nikon or Canon that can cost over $1000 more then this lens.  This lens also compliments many wide to moderate-tele zoom lenses like a 24-70mm for full frame or a 17-70mm for aps-c "cropped" sensor cameras. This lens was Tamron's first to feature the USD (Ultra Sonic Drive) auto focus motor and VC (Vibration Compensation) for image stabilization. With an effective focal length of 112-480mm on Canon APS-C bodies, it can make a great lens for anyone wanting to get into wild life ph…

Photo Showcase Updated | Featuring Sunset Photos From The Philippines

Hello Everyone. I just updated the Photo Showcase page. This month I am featuring sunset photos taken from around the Philippines. This is a small yet growing collection and as always they can be found on my Gallery page at for purchase.

Why Did Canon Remove The EOS M Camera? | Photo Talk

Compact, durable and ready to go. The Canon EOS M was on the for front of mirror-less cameras. But plagued with less then speedy autofocus made many seemed to be very pleased with the camera. On todays Photo Talk we will discuss possible reasons why Canon removed the popular camera from the US product page. Yet it still remains on many of the overseas pages and already a revised model in Japan.

About this topic:

   While its no secret that Canon removed the EOS M[1] back a few months ago, I still have not seen any statement from Canon on why the little M was removed from the US product shelves. Its true the price has dropped considerably on this camera, yet that still remain popular items in camera stores here in the Philippines and much of Asia still. That and they are also still on the Asian product pages and many other countries through out the world. So why did Canon just remove them from the US then? So in this video we take another look at this camera and discuss possible re…

Join The Exodist Photography Community On Google+

Hello Everyone, I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to join the Exodist Photography community on Google+. Our motto is "Learn, Share & Discover A World of Photography." Tired of over strict photo groups? We believe in taking things more easy. Share your photos, blog post about your photography trips and feel free to share your photography videos from youtube you created to our community. Hope to see you there..Exodist Photography on Google+ Link

Learn How To Create Awesome Sunset Photos in Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Do your sunset photos look less then impressive? Would you like to learn some simple techniques in Lightroom 5 that can turn those photos into the next potential photo to go viral on 500px. Then this video tutorial is for you. I will show you what I do to turn boring and badly exposed images into vibrant works of art by just using the tools found in Adobe Lightroom 5.

About this tutorial:

   I have been showing a friend of mine the ins and outs of Lightroom[1] the past few weeks. Plus just the other day we went on a photo walk and get some really good sunset photos. Showing him my tips for editing, I realized that this would likely be a tutorial that others would also love to watch. So I found on of my badly exposed photos and played around with it to see if I could revive it back from the dead, and sure enough it came out respectively nice. The reason I did this is, its one thing to start with great and end up with great. So a perfectly exposed picture being edited doesn't al…