Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Would You Like To Have New In Lightroom 6 | Photo Talk

What Would You Like To Have New In Lightroom 6
   Hello Everyone! Seems each month Adobe is adding something new to Lightroom 5. What I would like to know is what would you like to see new in Lightroom 6. Also at what point do you think Adobe should quit taking tools form Photoshop and focus on making the ones for Lightroom better? I would like to here your thoughts and suggestions. So please post them below.

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Adobe has been pushing out updates to Lightroom 5 at a pretty regular pace this year. Just when we thought we had seen the last update, out pops another. Its almost like a episode of the Duggars. So with all the releases and additions Adobe has added to Lightroom 5, it makes you wonder. What is left to add to Lightroom 6? How much can they take away from Adobe Photoshop to add to Lightroom without taking to much away and removing the need for Photoshop all together? Perhaps layers and layers mask? Or perhaps the addition of Photomerge to Lightroom. Its more Photographic in nature. Also would it even hurt Adobe since the new Creative Cloud subscription package includes Lightroom and Photoshop together anyway. Makes you wonder. I can see them duplicating more photographic tools from Photoshop and adding it over to Lightroom, but making them more Photo oriented. But what are your thoughts. Post you comments down at the bottom, let me know what you think is next.