Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Are The Alternatives To Photoshop? | Tips & Techniques

What Are The Alternatives To Photoshop?
So you have decided you do not want to jump into Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription system, or you just find Photoshop more then you may need. In this video I cover some alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. I will also discuss some pros and cons regarding these options. So if you looking for a photoshop alternative, do not miss this video.

About this photography tip:

I surf around many tech forums at times and one of the biggest questions is, "what are the alternatives to Adobe's Photoshop[1]?" Many people just do not need all that Photoshop can offer, many are also afraid of the Creative Cloud subscription service. What ever the case may be, I wanted to put together a photo tip video explaining some of the more popular alternative photo editing programs out there. As well as give you my thoughts and experiences using them. In this video I will cover GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)[2], Pixelmator[3], Paintshop Pro by Corel[4] and even hint about the benefits of using Photomatix Pro[5] from HDR Soft. Now I did not cover Photoshop Elements[6] as I do not consider it a viable alternative for various reasons. Namely 8bit color, $99 USD price tag. GIMP may only be 8bit color, but IMHO it has more options and is FREE. The other two options I listed are and do fully support 16bit color per channel.