Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So I Picked Up A New Tripod | Photo Talk

So I Picked Up A New Tripod
   Hello Everyone. So I was out in town the other day and came across this awesome tripod at a store in in the Mall called CDR King. It was such a low price I decided to get it and try it out. Well I liked it so much I decided to make a video and show others what I got and why you need one too.

About this blog:

Living in the Philippines can be a challenge at times if you are a foreigner.  Luckily my time in the US Navy helped me understand more of the culture from other countries. However shopping here for photographic equipment can at times be costly, to just difficult to find items you need. I still have no clue to who I can carry my cameras to if they need serviced. There is so many grey markets here, even in the top end malls. However now and then luck can shine upon you. For example I had been wanting a Gorilla Pod[1] and the larger heavy duty ones from Amazon were well over $50 US dollars. Well I happened to stumble over one of the heavy duty ones in CDR King for far less then the ones back home. Keep in mind this is a generic CDR King brand[2], but for my uses I just love it. So I had to make a video to let everyone know where you could get one here in the Philippines. If your not in the Philippines, I still highly recommend picking up one if you can get them on sale.