Thursday, August 28, 2014

Learn How To Prevent Photography Theft Online | Tips & Techniques

   So you have uploaded your photos and just realized that everyone who see's them can copy them. How are photographers supposed to get noticed if all of their work is getting copied or stolen. Or better yet, how do you even know if your photos have been used without your permission? In this video tutorial I will discuss options and my solutions to finding the best balance of visibility and security.

About this photography tip:

   First I would like to put a huge shout out to Photographer and all around great guy Eric Rossi "The Guy With The Eye"[1] for bringing this to my attention a few months ago.  Photographers work hard to get "that shot", photos used to pay the bills. So when people take advantage and use photos without our permission. Its just plain steeling. But in many cases these days it can get confusing even for the most honest of folk which images on the internet can and can not be used. Google Images can have a lot to blame for this. But that same Google images[2] can be used to also find out if anyone else is using your image. I will show you how to search for your image and I will also discuss my techniques for reducing the likely hood of someone actually using your work for commercial use.