Monday, August 4, 2014

Learn How To Configure An External Editor In Adobe Lightroom | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Configure An External Editor In Adobe Lightroom
   Hey Everyone! Did you just get Adobe Lightroom and find it fascinating? But realize there are some things you still need another photo editing program for? In this tutorial video I will show you how to setup Adobe Lightroom 5 to be able to use Pixelmator photo editing software. However this tutorial also covers how to setup any photo editing software of your choice and how you can have multiple programs setup as well.

About this tutorial:

Its understandable that not everyone wants to use Photoshop CC[1]. Many are terrified soon as they hear the word "cloud" in anything. I admit if it was not for Photomerge being so great at stitching images together. I would not be using it either. Being someone who has been using GIMP[2] since about 1998, I can do about anything in GIMP as well as Photoshop to a degree. Admittedly though to be honest PS has leaped much further a head of GIMP the past 8 years with the release of some remarkable tools. That still doesn't mean there are not other programs out there, that one can get that wouldn't easily replace PS. One in particular is Pixelmator[3]. It is just a fantastic program and one I will be doing lots of tutorials on. Its price point is also very low. In this tutorial I will show you how to add an additional photo editor or one to replace photoshop. We will be using Pixelmator for this tutorial. Then to top everything off, I will do a quick Orton Effect[4] on our test image.