Thursday, August 7, 2014

Learn How To Build A DSLR Slide Track | Tips & Techniques

Learn How To Build A DSLR Slide Track
   Hello Everyone. Would you like to know how to build your own DSLR Slide Track? Building your own slide track can save you a good amount of money and they can be really easy to make with only a few basic tools. In this video tutorial I will step you through on how to create your very own affordable slide track system that you can use for Videography or Time-Lapse Photography.

About this project:

A DSLR Slide Track, also known as a Glide Track is used mostly by videographers to add motion and more dramatic effects to video. I created this one for time-lapse photography. There are many of these on the market, but they are all expensive. Lets face it you spend a ton for something that honestly doesn't cost that much to manufacture. This DIY version I put together is likely a little over kill as it supports a very heavy load, but I wanted to make sure my camera gear including a time-lapse motor were well supported. Actually despite its size, the track system is very light. Another thing to not is that my track system will not let the camera gear fall off the track unlike many DIY versions and I also use felt pads to ensure very smooth operation. I wanted to make this video so others could make theirs based on my version. Now if you got the money to dish out makes some of the best gliders, but expect to shell out over $500 US dollars compared to mine that only cost me about $7.50 here in the Philippines.