Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Had To Fly Up To Manila | Blog

Manila Bay
   So earlier this week I had to fly up to Manila for a medical appointment. I decided to use this time to get my Mac Book Air fixed and take some photos of Manila Bay. So we headed over to Mall of Asia after we arrived Sunday afternoon. First thing we had to do before anything else was to head to Army Navy to get some Tacos and Quesadillas. You just can not get any sort of Mexican food living in Mindanao at this time. So it was of extreme importance that my wife, daughter and I got our food craving fix. We then headed over to the Mac Pro store to see what was wrong with the Mac Book Air. Turns out that even though I had reinstalled OS X three times the base install never bothered to format the drive and thats all that was really wrong with it. Which I am both happy and embarrassed about at the same time.  Its something I could have done in the disc utilities and fixed myself. But the friendly and courteous staff had it fixed and ready to go in no time, which is great because I almost completely missed the sunset. But I rushed outside and got it as it was setting over the horizon. I am really glad I managed to grab a few shots, the next day it rained and rained and then, well it rained some more.  There was many spots with about six inches of rain in the streets. To me it was not no big deal, but to many of the Pinoy cab drivers, it had them kind of freaked out.  All in all it was not to bad of a trip. I wanted more photos of the bay and that just wasn't going to happen and it raining. In the end I am glad I got this shot of Manila Bay..