Sunday, July 20, 2014

Learn How To Setup A Camera & Intervalometer For Time Lapse Photography | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Setup A Camera & Intervalometer For A Time Lapse
   Do you enjoy time-lapse photography videos and would like to start creating your own, but don't know how? In this video tutorial I go over step by step on how to setup your camera and intervalometer for taking time-lapse photos to help you get started.

About this tutorial:

In this tutorial I show you how to configure a camera intervalometer that will be used to trigger your camera shutter over a set amount of time so you can take photos that will be used to create a time-lapse[1] video. This video also shows you the basic camera configuration used in time-lapse photography. I shot this video in my office here in the Philippines, the intervalometer I used in this video was the Opteka Lapse Pro[2] and the camera shown was the Canon 600D[3] (Rebel T3i). The reason I shown the 600D was for three important reasons. The first of which is that time-lapse photography can wear your gear out. In particularly the camera shutter. Camera shutters have a life expectancy of about 150,000 to 250,000 actuations. Depending on the grade of the camera. Most of the Rebel line form Canon in this example is about 150k, however keep in mind they can be repaired and often will last longer then 150,000 shots. The second reason is that it is an affordable option and is a very popular camera, not to mention its a wonderful camera to own. Last reason is that the settings used in this camera are very similar if not the same in the rest of the Canon line. They are also relatively comparable to the same settings used in Nikon cameras. So what you see here can be done on a Nikon after you have learned your way around the camera system.