Sunday, July 20, 2014

Learn How To Use The Radial Filter In Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Use The Radial Filter In Lightroom 5
   One of the newest tools introduced with Lightroom 5 was the Radial Filter tool. This remarkable tool while simple has added a new level of creativeness that didn't exist before. In this video I step you through using Lightroom's Radial Filter tool and show how it can be used to single out or add accent to the subject in your image.

About this tutorial:

Talking about a took that makes many photographers jump for joy. The Radial Filter[2] tool introduced in Lightroom 5[1] has allowed a new level of creativity in post processing that before required the photographer to own Photoshop to get similar results. I this tutorial we use Adobe Lightroom Photoshop to edit a photo I took of a Lily flower that was growing in my flower beds. I will show you how to used the Radial filter tool to sharpen and brighten the center of the flower, while using it yet again but this time to soften and defocus the outer and existing background of the image.

I enjoy a little floral photography here and there. Floral photography is a form of macro photography[3] and I find it relaxing way to take beautiful & vibrant images.  This image was of many of the wild Lilies I have been growing in my flower beds. I was actually shocked when this one bloomed as I was under the impression we had all white lilies but as it turns out there are a had full of peach colored ones growing.