Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Learn How To Use Apple iMovie | Complete Tutorial Series

Learn How To Use Apple iMovie
   Ever considered using Apple iMovie for your video needs? Or perhaps you don't think it has enough features to take care of your production needs. Well before you head off to spend money on high end applications take the time to watch these videos and see if iMovie is good for you. Also if you are new to iMovie or just want to learn new tricks and techniques to help in your video work. Watch these tutorial videos, with over an hours worth of information between all three of them, there is likely something new for you to learn. Part 1 starts off with the basics of iMovie teaching you how to use many of the automated templates and working with your files. Part 2 steps it up a notch and shows you how to manually edit your video files to add a more personal touch to your video production. Finally part 3 shows you many of the more advanced features, like video overlays, video in a video and how to edit many of the transition features. Many hours went into the making of this three part series to ensure the best information possible and I am sure you will agree.

Part 1 - Introduction To iMovie

Part 2 - Working In iMovie

Part 3 - Advanced iMovie Techniques

Learn How To Use Apple iMovie