Sunday, July 20, 2014

Learn How To Shoot Panoramic Photos | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Shoot Panoramic Photos
   Love those large wide shots of cities and landscapes, think you need a super wide angle lens to get those? Think again. In this tutorial we cover the basics of taking panoramic photos. This tutorial covers the camera settings and techniques used to capture the images used in creating stunning panoramic photos.

About this tutorial:

I love Panoramic Photography[1]. But it can be a pain or a hassle if your not sure what your doing. Not to mention photo-stitching software[2] like Photomerge in Photoshop can be very particular about the images being used. In this tutorial I will step you through setting up your camera and discuss techniques that I use to get my images so you can get the best results from your stitching software. For this video tutorial I will be demonstrating how to use and what settings you can use on a Canon 600D (Rebel T3i)[3]. Another great reason to love panoramic photos is that it can allow you to create super high resolution images without needing a camera with a super high megapixel count.