Sunday, July 20, 2014

Learn How To Enhance HDR Images | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Enhance HDR Images
   Do you love HDR Photography? Looking to learn new ways to get better results? This video tutorial is for you. Let me step you through from start to finish on how to edit your image in post processing to add as much detail as possible in ways you may have not considered.

About this tutorial:

HDR Photography is an exciting way to take photos and when paired with a ultra-wide-angle lens it can produce very dramatic effects. Many times when creating high-dynamic-range images[1] you loose much of the contrast in the detail. In this tutorial I will show you how I combat this and add rich detail to my HDRs. First we will start out pre-processing out images in Lightroom and then export them to Photomatix Pro[2] for our tone-mapping. Then we do this a second time with the original images, but this time we create a B&W tone-mapped imaged. Now this is were the magic happens, we then take the two images and combine them in Photoshop. Last we save our Photoshopped image back into Adobe Lightroom and finish it off with some final touches that really bring out the detail in this photo.

The photo used in this tutorial was taken at Disney Hong Kong just off Main Street. Many of the buildings are mock-ups and the tops are not to scale. So when I used my Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens[3] on my Canon 600D. The wide angle distortion created a very unique image that I was very excited to get. The challenge for this photo was capturing three exposures all "hand held" without getting blurry shot. Luckily even though the sky was hazy, there was plenty of brightness at 3pm to get three quick exposures.