Sunday, July 20, 2014

Learn How To Create Panoramic Photos In Adobe Photoshop | Video Tutorial

Creating Panoramic Photos In Photoshop
   In this video tutorial I step you through step by step what you need to do to go from multiple images in Adobe Lightroom to creating your panoramic photo in Photoshop. We start out with Adobe Lightroom and then go into Photoshop to combine the images then finish our final touches back up in Lightroom to create a breathtaking panoramic photo.

About this tutorial:

Panoramic Photography[1] can be a great way to capture a large image without a ultra-wide-angle lens. In this tutorial we take photos I took of Taipei Taiwan and combine them using photo-stitching software[2] in Photoshop that is over 80 megapixels in size. We first start out in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom were we pre edit our images to prepare them for stitching. Then we export them to Photoshops photomerge software were we combine our images. Last we bring the combined image back into Lightroom 5 for final post processing and get our final results. Panoramic photos are a excellent way to take high resolution photos with a camera that has a low megapixel count.

The image used in this tutorial is of the Taipei City skyline taken from the nature hiking trails on top of Elephant Mountain[3]. This is a wonderful spot to get a great sunset photo, but you will want to get there about two hours early as the best spots for photos will be taken quick. On this particular day the sky was very hazy and it showered on me a few times heading up the nature trail. While I didn't get the great sunset I wanted. In the end I was very happy with the night photos. This is a place I plan to visit again and will try for a photo with a starry night sky in the future.