Monday, July 21, 2014

Learn How To Process Night Photos With Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Process Night Photos With Lightroom 5
   Do you love long exposure photos, or just want to know how to post process your images from your night photography? In this video I show you how to edit this photo I took of the Paras Hotel on Camiguin Island, Philippines at night. This is both a panoramic and long exposure photo and I hope you enjoy learning how to edit these type of photos.

About this tutorial:

I have to say that my favorite type of photography is Long Exposure[1]. This may be because I love the nights so much. In this particular tutorial I actually have multiple long exposures to create a small panorama[2]. I will step you through pre-editing these images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom[3] were we add some basic lens corrections and noise reduction to our files. Then we will export them to Photoshop CC[4] were we use Photomerge to stitch the images together. Last we bring the panorama back into Lightroom 5 were we crop and finish up our adjustments. I actually focus heavily on bringing out the image in this photo with Lightroom as it ended up being underexposed more then I wanted. Honestly the sun set really quick on me and I wanted a brighter sky. 

The photo used in this tutorial is of the Paras Hotel located on the northern end of Camiguin Island[5] here in the Philippines. Its just a wonderful place to visit, people are very friendly and its commonly known as the Hawaii of the Philippines with its hot springs and beautiful waterfalls. I used my Canon EOS 70D[6] and Sigma 17-70mm Contemporary Lens[7] with a 6-point star filter[8] to take this photo. Exposure settings were f/11, 15sec, ISO200 at 17mm (27mm full-frame) focal length. Hind sight I should have went with f/7.1 or f/9. But it happened to be the last night I was on the island for that trip. However I live about 3 hours from there, so do expect me to return as there is so many more photos I wanted to get but, it was just a weekend trip. Next time I go I plan on staying a week and getting more sunsets and sunrises.