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Learn How To Split Tone Color Photos In Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Split Tone Color Photos In Lightroom 5
   Floral Photography is very popular and can be very fun. However to stand out from the crowd one must try new things. While split toning isn't new, many miss out how it can be used to help enhance their floral photo skills. In this tutorial we use Split Toning in Adobe Lightroom to bring out an ordinary flower photo and make it extraordinary.

About this tutorial:

Do you enjoy floral photography, I do from time to time. However it can be a real challenge to get your flowers to really pop in the photos. In this video tutorial I will show you my secret to making my flower photography jump out at you. We first start by opening our photo in Lightroom 5's Develop module and then do our basic edits from lens correction to noise reduction. Then we add our secret sauce of Split Toning the shadows of our image. We take the grey-ish background and add a bright blue and purple-ish hue to the image making the yellow flower highly noticeable. Last we finish up with a vignetting in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom[1].

The photo used in this tutorial is of a Yellow Bell, a native flower here in the southern Philippines that grows very easily. I took this photo with my Canon 600D and Canon EF 85mm lens[2] at f/1.8, 1/1000s and ISO 100. This helped give a very narrow depth of field and the quick shutter speed helped keep the image sharp when the delicate petals trying to flutter in the wind.



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