Friday, July 25, 2014

Learn How To Create A HDR Time-Lapse Video | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Create A High Dynamic Range Time-Lapse Video
   Do you love HDR photos? Do you wish you could make time-lapse videos look as vivid as a HDR? Guess what you can and I can show you how. These video tutorials will step you through the process and show you the software you need to create your very own stunning HDR time-lapse video.

About this tutorial:

Some of the most mesmerizing time-lapse videos[1] I have seen online are HDR[2] ones. High-dynamic-range videos are really not that complicated to create though. They just require the right equipment and software. Most of which is also not that expensive. In this video I will step you through creating your own HDR Time-Lapse video.  I will focus mainly on batch processing your images in Photomatix Pro[3] with-in this tutorial. If you have not watched my other tutorials[4] on HDR and Time-Lapse photography, I highly suggest so and will have a link below in the References. 

The photos used in the video footage for this tutorial were taking in my backyard. I highly recommend watching out for trees near by as they can cause a halo effect in HDR photos. Its annoying but I didn't want to place my camera out in the sun. So instead I placed in on my covered back patio. I used my Canon 70D[5] and Sigma 17-70mm Contemporary Lens[6] for this. The exposure settings I used were f/9, 1/125sec at ISO100 at 17mm (28mm full-frame) focal length and a +2, -2 EV in auto bracketing.