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Now Is A Great Time To Follow Exodist Photography!

Hello Everyone! With 2015 quickly approaching. Now is a great time to follow the Exodist Photography Video Blog. With so many new videos starting this January you really don't want to miss any of it. You can also find Exodist Photography on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest Google+ and more. Just Click Here to find out more information.

Christmas Lights In The Philippines 2014, In 4K UHD - Joe's Videos

Well I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep my word and get the christmas lights video out to everyone. I really had some trouble getting the video uploaded to YouTube and getting it to show up in 4K resolution. In the end I managed to get it uploaded in time for the Christmas Holidays and I really hope everyone enjoys it. The locals here in the Philippines can be very creative to use what they have on hand to make decorations from plastic bottles to old fishing nets. I hope everyone enjoys this video and as always please leave your comments below. Happy Holidays everyone!

Happy Holidays & New Office Construction | Joe's Videos

Hello Everyone! I wanted to post and say Happy Holidays to everyone out there. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Here in the Philippines it isn't snowing but there is still plenty of holiday cheer. Also I am in the middle of construction on my new studio office. I am hoping to have this finished before the first of the new year. Also I may not be posting any videos until January the 5th, 2015. This will give me time to get the office hopefully completed, moved in and started filming from there. I do plan on posting a Christmas lights video before then. The locals work really hard on creating some nice murals with xmas lights and I really want to share that with everyone. So that video will be posting soon as more of the lights are done. Until then I will be working hard to get this office completed over the next two weeks and to everyone out there, where ever you may be. Happy Holidays..

Learn How To Upload & Sell Photos On DeviantART | Video Tutorial

So your looking to post your photos and artwork on but not sure the proper way to go about doing so. No worries! In this video tutorial I will step you through the process of uploading, naming, adding tag and how to properly setup your image so you can sell them and make a little money to hopefully help support your hobby.

About this tutorial:

   This is is tutorial I have been wanting to do for a while. To be honest when I search on Youtube for a good how to video for uploading and selling images on DeviantART, there just isn't any really good ones. There is plenty of videos about it, but none that really caught my eye and said this is how you do it. So I made one. I really hope this video helps anyone looking to upload their images and get them ready for selling. As always if you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful please like it, also don't forget to leave any comments if you have any suggestions or just want to say hi.


Mondays Video Will Be Delayed A Few Hours...

Hello Everyone,
I would like to apologize a head of time. Monday mornings video tutorial will be delayed a few hours due to intermittent internet outage and slowdowns due to Typhoon Hagupit. While the typhoon hasn't not directly hit here, it has effected my connection. But hopefully by morning here the video will be finished uploaded and I can finish getting it ready to post. It should be up and running by early morning in the USA. Thanks to everyone for your understanding.

Neewer Ring 48 Macro LED Light | Product Review

Are you wanting to try your hands with the exciting world of macro photography? Macro photography can get expensive with all the assortment of lighting attachments, but don't fear. The Neewer Ring 48 macro LED light may just be what you need and at an affordable price that is hard to beat. Check out my review of this product and see what you get for your money.

About this product:
   The Neewer Ring 48 macro LED light is an affordable lighting alternative for users getting into the world of macro photography. It uses 2x AA batteries or an optional 3volt AC adapter that accepts voltages from 110v to 230v A/C. It comes with multiple adapter plates to fit various macro lenses from 52mm up to 67mm. The Neewer Ring 48 is a continuous lighting source and not a flash. Since my purchase of this device, Neewer has since discontinued it and now sells a the Ring 48 is a Flash version. But you can still purchase this model from resellers such as Amazon. What do I think about this macro li…

Learn How To Export Photos In Lightroom 5, Plus Understanding PPI & Image Size | Video Tutorial

If you enjoyed last weeks video tutorial on importing and managing your photos in Lightroom. This weeks tutorial will delight you. In this video tutorial I cover how to export your photos in Adobe Lightroom 5, plus I go into detail about the image size and PPI (pixel density) options in the export module.

About this tutorial:

   This tutorial was inspired by a lengthy discussion I had a while back on one of the local forums I hang around from time to time. Although that discussion was primarily about Lightroom's PPI and image size options. I thought it would be best fitted with a full tutorial on exporting files from Adobe Lightroom 5. In this video tutorial I go over the basics and try to touch in detail on many of the exporting options before spending a good amount of time going into detail on the PPI (pixel density) and image size options. I hope everyone finds this tutorial helpful and as always I look forward to your comments.


Learn How To Import & Manage Your Photos In Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

One of the first things and likely also the most important thing someone should understand in Adobe Lightroom 5 is how to import & manage your photos. In this video I step you through the many different options one has when importing files in Lightroom, how the photos are stored and renaming options. Plus I also cover how to setup and use Collections in Lightroom, while also explaining its non destructive editing techniques and the benefits of using virtual copies.

About this tutorial:

   There are a lot of photo management software out there and each have their own unique way of handling files within them. I spend a lot of time here and there on forums helping people and often see a lot of misconceptions on how Adobe Photoshop Lightroom manages your photos. So this is been a video I have been wanting to do for some time. To be able to elaborate on how Adobe Lightroom manages your files and also the various ways users can import and manage their files. I packed a lot of inform…

How To Download & Install Magic Lantern 2014 On To Your Canon 600D | Tips & Techniques

Are you looking to repurpose you older Canon camera, or just add some more functionality to the current one you have. Chances are may be in luck. Magic Lantern software adds many new features to your camera like intervalometer, HDR video, focus peaking and so much more. In this video I will show you were and how to download the current stable release and how to install it onto your Canon EOS DSLR Camera.

About This Tip:

   For a while now I have been hesitant to add the Magic Lantern firmware to my older Canon 600D. Although I have been using it mostly as a backup camera, my wife also tends to borrow it. But I purchased her a new camera and thought it was now a great time to update the camera. The ML firmware does not replace your existing firmware, it runs on your SD card. The software adds many features to the camera that are extremely useful, mostly in the videography department. But still many things standard photographers can use also like focus peaking, zebra lines for over …

Learn How To Download And Use GIMP | Video Tutorial

Looking for a free alternative to the all to popular Adobe Photoshop? In this video tutorial I can help you do just that. Let me show GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), the best free image editing software available. With this video I step you through the proper place to download GIMP as well as show you the basic photo adjustments to help you get started using this application for your photography needs.

About this tutorial:

   This is one tutorial that almost didn't happen. I had recently tried to upgrade to a new version of OSX operating system on my Mac and things didn't go so well. The OS just was to unstable even though I had tried it for a week and it seemed OK. So out of frustration, I reverted back to OSX Mavericks. But when it rains it pours. My backup would not restore the system back due to the fact I had OSX 10.10 installed and was trying to use Time Machine to restore back to OSX 10.9 Mavericks. So I had to reinstall all my software and this took about a …

Good News!

Good news everyone, I have finally got my computer system back fully working again. I have a great new tutorial video already uploaded and ready to go for Monday, so don't forget to check that out. Also I have finally been able to turn on Adsense, I know many do not like Ads but I have placed them so they should not be an annoyance to any of my readers. I hope everyone understands while I do enjoy producing videos, it takes money for all this gear and Amazon does not except "enjoyment" as a form of currency. So I hope everyone understands that if I am to keep making videos, I have to fund this some how. Now if you notice the ads do not appear for a few days, please ignore it. The blank spots are were they will be once everything is put in motion on googles end.


Computer Issues and Video Tutorials For This Week..

Attention Everyone. Due to OSX Yosemite being complete garbage. I will not be able to post videos for the remainder of this week. I have posted today's (Monday) tutorial, but my other tutorial will have to wait until next week. So much of my software is not working correctly, even quicktime for recording my desktop. So I will be taking the remainder of the week to reinstall my OS back to Mavericks. I will/should resume posting videos on Monday November 10th 2014. Cheers, Joe..

Learn How To Correct Architectural Perspective In Adobe Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Do you love taking photos of cities, forest or tall architecture? But do not like how your camera lens distorts the perspective of your photographs? In this video tutorial I will show you how to correct perspective distortion in Adobe Lightroom 5.

About this tutorial:

I was processing many of the photos from my latest trip to Singapore[1] and it dawned on me I havent make a tutorial going in to detail on how to correct perspective distortion[2] in Adobe Lightroom yet. So this would be a great time to show everyone how to do so. In this video tutorial I will show you how to manually correct this distortion when the auto feature fails and then finish editing the photo to show you my final results.

The photo used in this tutorial is of the city of Singapore on the waterfront area. I used my Canon EOS 70D with my trusty Sigma 17-70mm Contemporary Lens, sturdy tripod and 2sec delay. Exposure settings used was ISO 100 for low noise, f/9 for large depth of field and to allow me a 8sec sh…

My Top 5 Tips On How To Get Super Sharp Photos | Tips & Techniques

Are you having trouble getting sharp photos or just looking for advice on improving your image quality. Image sharpness can mean the difference between a masterpiece and disappointment. In this video I discuss my top 5 techniques I use to get super sharp photos.

About this topic:

   I see a lot of images on the internet photo sights and user shares that I feel could have been wonderful works of art, but were completely ruined by lack of sharpness. So I felt like I should make a video and at least give my advice and share my techniques I have been using for some years now. So if you looking to improve you photo sharpness, you dont want to miss this video. That said I would also like to know what everyone thinks about my tips and what are some tips others use to help improve their image sharpness in their photos.

Whats In Your Software Bag - My Photography Apps | Photo Talk

A question I often get asked is what software do I use to edit my photos in and with so many programs out there for both PC and Mac it can be overwhelming on what one should purchase. In this video I talk about the software I use, what I think is best and why I feel my choices are some of the best out there.

About this topic:

   This topic gets brought up a lot and is also one of those heavy debated subjects on many forums. So I thought I would make a video talking about the software I use. So if you looking to learn more about some of the software I myself and many others use to get professional and creative looking images from our photography, this video could just be what you have been waiting for. That said I would also like to know what programs you use so take the to leave your comments below. Cheers..

Creating, Using & Importing Presets In Photomatix Pro 5 | Video Tutorial

Whether your new or an seasoned user of HDR Soft's Photomatix Pro software, presets can be a easy way to speed up ones workflow, add a touch of consistency or just a great way to remember how you edited your latest HDR image creation. In this video I will show you how to create, use and import presets in Photomatix Pro 5.

About this tutorial:

   I have been using Photomatix for my past few tutorial videos and I thought I would dig a little deeper into it and show users not very familiar with this popular software title how to work inside it, but focus mostly on presets as they are a great way to learn the program and good way to help users keep up with their previous settings for future uses. I hope everyone enjoys this video tutorial and as always please take the time to leave your comments below on what you think of this video.


Understanding Aperture And Shutter Priority Modes On Your Canon DSLR | Tips & Techniques

Do you fully understand how Aperture and Shutter priority modes work in a modern DSLR camera? Or do you just think you do? In this video tutorial I will show you how they work and when they are best used. So if you are sick and tired of every other so called pro photographer telling you that you should only shoot in manual mode, then this video is for you.

About this topic:

   Are you sick and tired of so many so called "pro photographers" telling you that you should only shoot in manual mode. I know I am tired of hearing this lame advice. The reason so many tell you that you should only shoot in manual mode is simply because they do not understand how Aperture[1] or Shutter[2] priority modes really work, yea they will claim they do. But most do not. In this video tutorial I will explain you in detail how they work, when you should use them and which is best at getting you the results you want. So while those other photographers are screwing with trying to get proper exp…

#GetToKnowMe | Joe's Videos

Well this is a video I have been wanting to do for some time. So I finally got up the nerve to make one. In this video I talk about myself and what has led me to be a photographer. A shot out to Eric Rossi for doing one of these videos a few weeks ago, if he didn't do one then its likely this video would still be on my to-do list.

About this video:

   If you ever wanted to know more about me, then this video is it. I speak about my past military experience, college and my photography as a hobby as well as up to the present were I live in the Philippines and why I now push my photography forward from a hobby to more of a profession.

Lightroom 5 Night Photography Workflow Basics | Video Tutorial

If you are stepping into the world of Night Photography then you may really want to watch my video tutorial on learning my workflow in Adobe Lightroom. In this video tutorial I will step you through how I edit many of my night photos and hopefully it will help you improve your Lightroom skills.

About this tutorial:

   I love shooting at night or just after sunset.  I took this photo out on a walk with some friends and thought it would be great for my night photography workflow video The photo is of Butuan Bay here on the shore of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. The lights are of my local town I live in. The image was taken with my Canon EOS 70D and Sigma 17-70mm Contemporary lens. Camera settings used was ISO 100, f/6.3 and 10sec exposure. Focal range was about 24mm. I also used a tripod as it would be impossible for me to hold the camera for 10sec and I used the 2sec delay to prevent camera shake. I do believe I did have a CPL filter still on my lens. I wanted a 10sec or lo…

What Are Picture Styles & How Do I Use Them? | Tips & Techniques

Are you little confused about Picture Style settings on your camera? Learn how to setup picture styles on your Canon DSLR with my video tutorial. I cover how and when they are used, plus I will show you how to add your own custom settings or simply adjust one of the many factory presets that already come with your Canon camera.

About this topic:

   I have seen so many so called professionals that claim to use picture styles and then proclaim to only shoot RAW, so for you so called pros out there that really have no clue how to use your own gear. This video is for you. Now don not get me wrong, I made this video primarily to educate anyone wanting to learn about picture styles and how to set their own. But it bothers me when there are many so called professional photographers that make training videos and will one day proclaim to do one thing and then a few days later make statements that contradict one another. It makes me feel they really have no clue about what they are talking …

What Is In Your Camera Bag? - Essential Travel Gear | Photo Talk

Not sure you got everything you need packed for a photography trip? Perhaps its your first time to go on a photography trip and your questioning yourself wondering did you pack everything you needed or did you pack to much? In this video we talk about what I would consider essential travel gear and what could be optional or required depending on your style.

About this topic:

   I was getting ready for my next trip and thought about making a video covering what is optional or essential for one to have with them as they go on photo trips. I list what I will be carrying with me and I will be looking forward to hearing from everyone else on what they consider essential or optional on their photo trips.

Learn How To Use The Spot Removal Tool In Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Its just about completely impossible to remove every bit of unwanted items from your photos before you take the shot, but with Adobe Lightroom's spot removal tool you can remove almost all of them without much hassle. In this video tutorial I will show you how I use the Spot Removal Tool in both Healing and Clone modes on my bracketed HDR photos to get the best results.


About this tutorial:
   I wanted to make an updated video on using the Spot Removal Tool found in Adobe Lightroom 5 and this photo offered me the opportunity to do so. In this video tutorial I will start off with three bracketed images that I will prepare for importing into Photomatix Pro to be combined into an HDR, but I will also start the cleaning the images upon the bracketed photos before import as well. I do this to make the clean up less noticeable, plus after I have combined the images into an HDR and re-imported back into Lightroom. This gives me a clean slate to double process the clean up …

Learn How To Reduce Noise In HDR Photos | Video Tutorial

I love HDR Photos, but when going for a very illustrative look its very easy to end up with a image that can have a lot of noise, even when shooting at ISO100. In this video I show you how to prep your images in Lightroom and then use Photomatix Pro to get the best results.

About this tutorial:

   High-dynamic-range photography[1] can be both rewarding and challenging at times. I wanted to make this tutorial to show you how you can take some images that are underexposed and still use them to create a brilliant illustrative HDR image while highly reducing the amount of noise one would normally get. In this video tutorial I start out preparing my 3 bracketed exposures[2] in Adobe Lightroom 5[3] and then export them to HDR Soft's Photomatix Pro[4] software were we do most of our image post processing and then re-import the combined image back into Lightroom and finish up on some final touches.

   My Firetruck HDR photo is a 3 image HDR in -2EV, Metered and +2EV exposures. I used …

Tripod Ball Heads & Giottos MH1000 | Photo Talk

On this episode of Photo Talk we talk about tripod ball heads and the Giottos MH1000. So if you have been thinking about up grading your tripod to this ball head, then you do not want to miss this video. Also I would love to hear your comments below about what tripods and tripod heads you use.

About this topic:

   Only the past few years have I started using tripods. I have had a older cheap tripod I picked up from Walmart back in the states for quite a few years, but I only really used it for my JVC video camera and then my Canon G12. To be honest it was sturdy enough for both. When I upgraded cameras to my Canon 600D, I started thinking it was likely time to get a little better tripod. While it was enough for the camera and my EF-S 10-22mm lens, you start adding the battery grip and it becomes a little to heavy for my taste. So when I purchased my Canon 70D a few months ago I made my mind up I needed something better. While looking online I came across the Dolica ProLine tripod …

Photos Of My Past Two Photo Trips The Past Two Weeks.. Enjoy..

Hey everyone, just sharing some HDR photos I took the past two weeks. Enjoy..

Learn How To Edit HDR Waterscapes With Photomatix Pro | Video Tutorial

Are you looking to improve your waterscape photos? Thinking of trying HDR, but not sure how to get them to look their best. In this video tutorial I will show you my workflow using Adobe Lightroom 5 and HDR Soft's Photomatix Pro software. So if you are wanting to get the most from your waterscape photo's, you do not want to miss this video tutorial.

About this tutorial:

   Creating really good photos of waterfalls, rivers and streams with running water can pose a challenge to new photographers trying to get them to look good when combining them into HDR images. So for todays video tutorial I wanted to show everyone my workflow I use to get the most and what I believe is the best results when using Lightroom[1] and Photomatix Pro[2] software.

   The photo used in this tutorial is of Makalan Falls here locally in Agusan del Norte, Philippines. Its a small water fall, but is much larger then it appears in the photo. From the water level to the top is about 4 to 5 meters, with…

Camera Bags & Case Logic TBC-410 DSLR Camera Sling | Photo Talk

With all that camera gear, your eventually going to have to put it in something when you travel. In this video we talk about camera bags for your DSLR and I show the Case Logic TBC-410 DSLR Camera Sling bag I picked up a few weeks ago. So if your in the market for a new bag, check out this video before you buy.

About this topic:

   There are many different styles of camera bags out there, some small, some large, some carry your laptop, some do not.  In this video I go over a few options available and give my opinion on what you should look for when buying a new bag. Also I show a smaller bag I picked up for local travels close to home, the Case Logic TBC-410 DSLR Camera Sling and of course give you my impressions about it.


Change in Fridays video...

Hello Everyone, I am changing the video for Friday. Instead I already have an additional Photo Talk video that I was going to schedule for next week, I will be using it in its place. I apologize for this. To be very honest I have an inner ear infection that is causing me some serious ear & head ache. I am taking meds that pretty much keep me drowsy and not very productive. I normally make videos a week in advance, but just havent got around to finishing this one and I don't want to just throw it together. That said, soon as its complete it will go up.  So I will be putting up my video on Camera Bags & Case Logic TBC410 DSLR Sling bag I picked up a few weeks ago, for Friday morning.


Camera Straps & BlackRapid RS-7 Curve | Photo Talk

Lets discuss camera straps on todays Photo Talk and go over some of the traditional and why some of the new more modern shoulder style straps like the BlackRapid RS-7 Curve may be a better option. So if your neck is hurting for that strap that came with your camera, then you do not want to miss this video.

About this topic:

   It pains me to see someone lugging a heavy DSLR camera around on their neck with those factory supplied camera straps. Those straps were great on smaller cameras like my trusty Canon G12 were they did not weigh that much. I remember the first time I brought a DSLR on vacation with me, even though it was a smaller Rebel series at the time. By the end of each day I was simply hurting in my upper back and neck. Plus the material made in those neck straps are simply more for looks then comfort. Before my next trip I had purchased the Black Rapid RS-4[1] and have never looked back. Even with a heavy camera and large telephoto lens, I could go all day without any …

How To Use & What Is The Quick Develop Tool In Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Perhaps one of the most overlooked tools in Adobe Lightroom's Library module is the Quick Develop tool. In this video I will step you through the ins and outs of this tool and show you how it could possibly help improve your time-lapse photography.

About this tutorial:

   Many Lightroom[1] users over look or just flat out forget about Quick Develop tool in the Library Module. While it doesnt have as many functions one needs to full process ones images when shooting in RAW, it does have its usefulness and even possibly some uses that many may have not considered before. In this tutorial I will show you how to use the Quick Develop tool and will explain how this tool could possibly help improve ones time-lapse photography[2].

References: [1] [2]

Coming This Week | Video Schedule Sep 29-Oct 3rd, 2014

Monday, Sep 29th 2014
How To Use & What Is The Quick Develop Tool In Lr 5
   In this video tutorial I step you through the ins and outs of the Quick Develop tool in Adobe Lightroom 5.

Wednesday, Oct 1st 2014
Camera Straps & BlackRapid RS-7 Curve
   On this weeks Photo Talk we talk about camera straps and I share my initial thoughts on the BlackRapid RS-7 Curve.

Friday, Oct 3rd 2014
Learn How To Setup Picture Styles On Your Canon DSLR Camera
   On this weeks Tips & Techniques, I go over how to setup picture styles on you Canon DSLR camera and discuss when and how they are used.

Best Budget Lenses For New Photographers Under $500 | Tips & Techniques

So you just got your first DSLR camera, but all the lens choices out there leave your head spinning. In this video I give you lens suggestions based on the best price and performance ratio under $500 dollars. I cover everything from Standard Zooms to Macro photography in this video. So if you looking for the best budget lenses for fall 2014. I have my picks listed.

About this topic:

   Fall has arrived and with the christmas shopping season about a month away, I felt it was time to put out my picks for the best budget lenses for new photographers under $500 US Dollars. I base my suggestions on price and performance without exceeding $500 dollars. So while there may be cheaper lenses out there, these are my picks for the ones that perform the best in optical and build quality. I list both full frame(EF) and crop sensor(EF-S) lenses.

Lens References:…

Canon 7D Mark II Finally Arrives, Plus New Lenses From Sigma, Canon & Tamron | Photo Talk

Another busy week and so much new gear getting announced at Photokina. After a long wait the Canon EOS 7D Mark II has finally hit the market with many new improvements. Plus Sigma, Canon and Tamron all announce some really fantastic lenses that everyone is sure to love. Lets talk about these and I will give you my first impressions.

About this topic:

   More great products have been announced over the course of this past week, but none of them more talked about then the long awaited Canon EOS 7D Mark II[1], with its 65 point all cross-type AF system, 20.2 MP sensor and dual Digic 6 processors, this bad boy can kick out 10 frames per second shooting and so much more. Sigma was also shining with many new lenses including not one but two versions of their new 150-600mm lenses in both Contemporary[2] and Sports[3] categories, as well as a new super zoom lens with a 18-300mm[4] focal range. The new 7D mII wasn't the only new item from Canon, as they also announced three new lenses.…

Learn How To Setup Identity Plate & Watermarks In Lightroom 5 | Video Tutorial

Branding is important for business growth and this tutorial will help you start setting up Adobe Lightroom 5's identity plate, plus step you through adding watermarks with in Lightroom's built in watermark tools to display your branding and copyrights on your images.

About this tutorial:

   This is another tutorial were I am focusing on the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom. So many tutorials show photographers how to work in the develop module, but few show anything else about Lightroom. So I am going through every detail of Lightroom and teaching about every detail of the program. In this video tutorial I focus on two things, the Identity Plate and Watermarks. Now I have combined these for two reasons, one they are both about branding and two the ID plate tutorial would be ridiculously short. But since they are simple, I am at least able to provide solid setup detail for anyone needing to use these features in Lightroom 5.

Coming This Week | Video Schedule Sep 22-26th, 2014

Monday, Sep 22nd 2014
Learn How To Setup Identity Plate & Watermarks In Lr 5
 Branding is important for business growth and this tutorial will help you start to get that setup in Lightroom 5 by showing how to setup your ID plate and watermarks in your photos.
Wednesday, Sep 24th 2014
Canon 7D mark II, Plus New Lens From Sigma, Canon & Tamron
 New products are out for Photokina and we look at a few of those like the 7D mark II, plus new lenses from Sigma, Canon and Tamron.
Friday, Sep 26th 2014
Best Budget Lenses For New Photographers Under $500
 So just got your first DSLR camera, now what lens do you need. In this video we cover what you need for your type of photography.

What Is A Super Zoom Lens? | Tips & Techniques

Love your DSLR, but do not want to carry around multiple lens with you when you travel. Perhaps you should check into getting a super zoom lens. What is a super zoom lens? On todays Tips & Techniques video we cover what a super zoom lens is, why they are handy and what some of the pros and cons are to using one.

About this topic:

   Super zoom lenses have been around for a good while now.  While some are very expensive, some for APS-C cameras can be very affordable. In this video I talk about the pros and cons of using a lens with such a long focal range, but also discuss the benefits of having one and if they will fit your needs as photographer. So if you love your DSLR, but are looking to lighten your load for traveling. Perhaps a Super Zoom may be in your future.