Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learn How To Take A Time Lapse With Your iPhone Or Any Apple IOS 8 Device | Tips & Techniques

Learn How To Take A Time Lapse With Your iPhone Or Any Apple IOS 8 Device
   Not to long ago Apple released IOS version 8. One of the new features introduced in this version was the ability to take time-lapse videos. This had many users excited, but when they updated their devices the lack of camera setting for time-lapse photography left many scratching their heads how to use it correctly. In this video I will go over the basics and show you how IOS dynamically adjust the time lapse footage based on the amount of time you use it recording.

About this tip:

   I am one of those who got excited to hear about Apple adding time-lapse feature in IOS 8. But was also left baffled on how exactly you was supposed to really use it other then pressing the start and stop shutter button. So after careful research I found the information I was looking for and I wanted to share that knowledge with my fellow photographers and viewers.  In the end it is actually quiet simple and unique how Apple decided to implement the time-lapse feature. So check out the video and don't forget to hit the like button. Also if your not a subscriber yet. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button to keep updated when I release more new and exciting videos.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

YouTube To Start Displaying 360 Degree Video & What Cameras Will You Need | Joe's Videos

YouTube To Start Displaying 360 Degree Video & What Cameras Will You Need
   So YouTube has announced that they will start getting their system ready to allow showing of 360 degree video. What is 360 degree video you ask and what cameras will you need create such video. In this video blog post I give you my thoughts on this and what cameras I have been looking at.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Working On Fixing My Google Accounts | Joe's Videos

Working On Fixing My Google Accounts
   When Google decided to integrate account management with all their owned products like Youtube, Blogger and so on, it made it difficult to keep the products associated with the correct accounts. While the idea sounded great and overall its very convenient to use. If for example your Youtube gets linked to your personal Google+ page instead of your business page, changing it can be scary and nerve racking task. Check out my video blog post for more on this..

Learn How To Use Shadowmapping To Create Dramatic HDR Images | Video Tutorial

Learn How To Use Shadowmapping To Create Dramatic HDR Images
   Are your HDR photos lacking detail and contrast? In this video tutorial I show how you can create a shadow map of your image and combine it with you regular HDR pic to create a dramatic HDR image that is sure to help get your artwork noticed. So if your into High-Dynamic-Range photography. You will not want to miss this video tutorial.

Coffee And Pastries HDR © 2015 Exodist Photography

About this tutorial:

   HDR Photography can be exciting and fun. I contribute it as one of the reasons I came back to photography. Back in the days of film, you had limitations to what you could do unless you owned your own darkroom. But thanks to computers, the possibilities now seem endless. This is one of the many photos I took at Disney Land in Hong Kong a few years back and I wanted to show everyone how I now modernly process most all my HDR images and create these remarkably highly detailed photos. In this tutorial I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and HDR Soft's Photomatix Pro software.
If HDR photography interest you I will put a link at the bottom for more information.

   This photo is a combination of 3 bracketed images taken at 2 stops apart. The metered exposure was taken at ISO100, f/3.5 and at 1/125sec on my older Canon 600D. I was using my Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM wide angle lens at 10mm, which is effectively the 16mm equivalent to full frame. This shot was also taken hand held the best I could. Luckily I had enough light and used a fast enough aperture that I could keep the shutter speeds fast.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Have A Rant! Tony Northrup Giving Out Wrong Information! | Joe's Videos

Tony Northrup Giving Out Wrong Information
   Normally I try to avoid conflict between fellow youtube channels as I feel we should be helping each other out and not trying to cut each others heads off. Now I am not out to get Tony by any means here. But he did give out some wrong information on a few of his videos and when I tried to help him by giving him the correct information. I was told to come up with something constructive and he would listen. So while this video is a little rant-sih. I did sit on the topic for a few days to chill out before making a video and trying my best to explain why his theories on camera aperture were all wrong both mathematically and realistically. So this is my video response to his video here: